January 20, 2019


Playon Chico, San Blas Islands , Panama


Elder Williams

Mission Week 74

January 14, 2019

Hello family!

This week was spectacular! We even had a baptism and it was really spiritual! I won´t be able to send a pic of it, but so you know it was awesome because the person that got baptized is blind and lives alone.
After he was baptized he told us that I know that I am not alone now more than ever. I have you two, but more importantly I am with God! He never leaves me! That really touched my heart and helped me remember
more of my purpose here in Panama. I´m literally helping my brothers and sisters come closer to their Father in Heaven. It was also interesting, because like 40 people, as they were walking by, came to watch the baptism as we were doing it in the ocean. It was amazing to
me, because someone that no one really talked to was famous that day!

But the week all in all was good too. We started off the week a little slow, because we weren´t finding that many people, but within our trials we kept the faith and the Lord began providing for us the people ready to hear the Gospel :) We have found some really cool people in the past few days that we are really seeing progress with!
We hope that we can accomplish our goal of 7 baptisms for the month of January. I know that the Lord will help us. I gave a talk in church on Sunday. I talked about ministering, so that the members could
understand more of what ministering is. They don´t do a whole lot of it here, so I shared some instructions with them. It would really help the inactives.
We hadn´t had light for like 8 days, because it broke
and they´ve been in the process of fixing it. We bought a solar panel light and it is really awesome! It even come with an attachment to
charge our phone.

So just to finish off, I just wanted to tell you about the culture and beliefs they have here. It´s really cool, because the people here believe in a Great Prophet that came here and called twelve servants.
They also have a lot of stories that are very similar to the Book of Mormon. It´s really cool to hear. I want to learn more and tell you guys about it later!

Haha yeah, so that was the week! I love you all and can´t wait to hear
from ya´ll next week!

In awhile crocodile,
Elder Overall


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