January 13, 2019


Playon Chico, San Blas Islands , Panama


Elder Williams

Mission Week 73

January 7, 2019

Dear family,

Sorry, I am not sure if I can write you a very extensive letter, but we will see. The internet has been pretty terrible and I am not sure how long I will be able to write. Anyways, this week was pretty
normal. I didn´t have a lot of time to take pictures, but I have a new
companion named Elder Williams. he´s cool, he´s from California. We were actually having a few difficulties finding people this week, because there was a festival that lasted almost all week in the island.... Yeah, it was a trial of the faith, but I truly believe that it was a test of faith and showing examples to others. Even, on Sunday
there was a party for all of the community, so even the members didn´t come to church. Not that I am bashing the members, it´s just I told them that they had time for the Sacrament, but no one came; except for the youth. They showed their faith and came alone, which made me
happy. And they say that my generation is lost... ;)

We found some cool people, though and we are still working strong. Our focus is to get alot of investigators this next Sunday, so we can have more success! We want to start off this New Year strong, so we are going to finish off January strong. This change we´ll be a good one, the Lord is directing our paths each day! I love the work and I love the opportunity that I have to testify of the Savior. One thing that I love about being here in a small branch is that I get to testify or give a talk each Sunday. It really grows my relationship with Him each
day. I love you all and hope everything goes well with all of you! :)

Your favorite acquaintace ever,
Elder Overall


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