December 30, 2018


Playon Chico, San Blas Islands , Panama


Elder Hernandez

Mission Week 70

December 17, 2018

Hello family!

So just so you know I wasn´t able to write last week, because the island decided to close the bridge to cross where the church is. It was short notice, so we wasted time looking for a canoe to cross the water. To make a long story short, we made it across two hours later, but we discovered that we forgot the keys to the computer. So yeah, that´s why I didn´t write. But, so you know we had two baptisms last week!!!!! They were miracles, because they were both people that we started teaching in the week! Their names are Cheiline and Ashley and they were super prepared! I´ll send a pic. Also, another crazy thing that happened was that tourists from Mesa, Arizona took a picture of me when I was in a lesson!!!!!! Like what the heck, I thought I was in the middle of nowhere and two white tourists from where I am from take a picture of my comp and I when we were teaching. They thought it was cool that a fellow native was living among the Kunas ;)

(Oh I will probably call on the 25th, but if things change I´ll let you know :)) This week was alright though. Not much happened, because we are seeing a drop in finding people, because we are working in the same island everyday, so yeah it´s a little difficult. But I´ll still keep the attitude don´t worry. The cool things that have been happening is that we have assured two baptisms for this next week. One of them is really awesome, because she is the wife of an active member and he would like to get sealed in the temple :) The other one is a kid we found on the street last Sunday, who came from the city recently. He has cousins that are active members and he went to church and he´s been reading all the assignments we leave in the Book of Mormon! His name id Didir and the other is named Hna. Linarez! It´s exciting!!!!

So yeah that´s basically all that has been happening here in Playon Chico! I love you all and am excited to speak to you on Christmas! Tomorrow we are going to the city for a Christmas conference with the Mission President. Haha there I will receive the Christmas package XD Yeah sorry I haven´t told you sooner, but yes I will receive it this week :)

Your son,
Elder Overall


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