November 25, 2018


Irigandi Island, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Dudley

Mission Week 66

November 19, 2018

Heeyyyyy faaaaammmmm! Did ya´ll miss me?
Yeah, haha so we messed up and two Thursdays ago we locked the church keys in the computer after we were doing some secretary work. We spent a lot of time trying to get them out and we gave up. It wasn´t until this passed Tuesday that we tried again and after 6 minutes of trying, we miraculously got in! To make a long story short, I wasn´t able to write you last week, but here I am now.

Basically the last week was summarized in us being able to go to the city to see Elder Soares's conference. It was awesome seeing another Apostle. Especially an Apostle who can speak completely in Spanish! He talked about making inspired goals and how that we need to be obedient now and after the mission, always testifying of the Savior. It was a really awesome conference! However, it was crazy, because we had to travel across the ocean, get in a car, and then arrive at the AP´s house to shower and get dressed for the conference. Then, after it was night, so we ate food, bought groceries for the change. Sunday, we all traveled back to our islands. It was rough..

So that was that week. This week was good too. It´s the last week of the change, so we were just giving it our all, so that we could have a baptism. And we did!!! :) His name is Richard and he was baptized Saturday! It was honestly a miracle, because we thought that he was always a member, but we asked him and he said no. We also asked him what he knew about the basic doctrine and he answered all the questions perfectly. We then put he baptismal date for the next day and he agreed :) It was a cool service! I´ll try to send a pic, but I don´t know if it will load.

We were also working with another guy who we always thought was a member. However, we asked him if when we came to him he asked us if he could be baptized. So we put a date for next Sunday! Oh, by the way, he is the second chief of the village, so it´s really cool! :) He even came to church by himself on Sunday, so we were really excited! We were also working with another man to get baptized and he had everything prepared, but he went to work instead of come to church, so we´ll have to wait on it. We were a little sad, but we got over it.

Then, to end it all I am being transferred to another island called Playon Chico. We just had changes, so I have yet to see more people and adventures these next few months. I will be receiving a new comp from the city named Elder Hernandez; it should be cool working with him and learning from him! I´m sorry that this letter is all jumbled, but I´m kinda in a hurry. I love you all and am excited to talk to you at Christmas!

Elder Overall

Yeah the pic won´t send, so I´ll send it next week! Much love :)


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