November 9, 2018


Irigandi Island, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Dudley

Mission Week 64

November 5, 2018

Happy Panamanian Independence month!!!

Yeah here they have like three independence days and they make it kind of hard to work. Like just this last week the people here had two days of festivities that were actually kind of cool. On Saturday, especially, because they had a parade and they invited us to be in the parade and say the opening prayer. My companion was picked to do that ;) We were also trying so hard to plan an activity for the branch, so this activity kinda made it easier for us. They just had us play basketball with the non-member teachers, so we called that our activity. By the way, we somehow won.... we are not that good. Anyways, we are teaching some of these people, so it was a good ¨unofficial¨ activity.

So that you know, we already knew that Halloween was going to be boring, but we were going to try to make it fun by switching name tags for the day and be each other. Then, the zone leaders came to do splits to drain that idea, but it honestly was really cool! We had a lot of success that day from working with them! I worked with Elder McCauley and it was cool to see him again. we were the same room in the MTC! Also, it was miraculous, because there are only like 40 houses in the village and we barely saw the other Elders the entire day! Crazy stuff!

Thursday was dope, because we found our baptism for this week! His name is Yoqueth and it was miraculous, because he just turned 9 four days prior. We went to the house of a member family to ask for references and we started to ask about her kids. She then told us that her son just turned 9 and had not been baptized. We then put the date for Sunday and we did it! It was a special experience for him :) I know that the Lord is mindful for us when we need Him. He knew that we looking for a baptism and He had someone prepared! What a day!

Sunday was cool. because finally a counselor in the district presidency came and sorted out everything with the church in the village. We now have the keys and for the first time in the change, we did church in the chapel;I love you all and wish you all a great week! If I didn´t say headlamp, I would like one of those please! I think I should be good on everything else!

Your coe,
Elder Overall


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