November 9, 2018


Irigandi Island, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Dudley

Mission Week 63

October 29, 2018

Nue gan bi guenakin! (don´t check for spelling)

Here is my week! For the first four days of the week right as we walked out, there would be rain. Like how lucky right? It was a little difficult to teach, because there aren´t any guys to teach people inside there houses; we got drenched. But, it all got better, when we payed a man to makes us Dule Massy! It was so awesome! It is a coconut soup with plantains in it. We also ate it with fish! It beat making our own food by a long shot. Then, we found some cool investigators this week. I´m not sure which days, but there names are Hermalindo, Liston, and a few others who are progressing slowly. Hermalindo was a miracle, because he said before he walked in a worldly life, but now he wants to change his life to get baptized! Not many people have desires like that so rapidly. We just need to help him with the commandments and he should be ready! Liston is kind of cool. He really likes the church hymns and he likes the messages we share. He wants to get baptized, but he might not want to give up drinking, so we are praying to see. All I know is, that we have a lot of work ahead of us.

This week was kind of tough, because the entire weekend was days for the students celebration. everyone in the village wanted to be a part of it, so we struggled with working. we still got to teach most of our progressing investigators miraculously! However, it all turned against us, when the next day nobody came to church. it was a little sad, because they all said that they would. We even had a baptism planned, but we can´t do it until next week, because she had another commitment. But, you just got to keep your best foot forward I guess :) Oh yeah, we had church in our house, because we haven´t been allowed to use the church building, until they get a new Branch President. So we´ve been waiting the entire change for that to happen and we are hoping that someone is called this week! But I´ll let ya´ll know next week! So see you next week peeps!

Seeya later alligator,
Elder Overall

PS_ The village was doing a sack race activity and they had us race eachother. I got smoked by my companion! In my defence, I was too fat for the bag and I broke it haha!


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