October 27, 2018


Irigandi Island, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Dudley

Mission Week 62

October 22, 2018

Hey family!!! It´s me again, Elder Overall!
So this week was splendid, because we had a baptism and we had seven investigators come to church! Well, it was kinda church, because we just did a Sacrament in our house. It´s honestly a long story, so ask me about why we did it at our house. We just had to! It was really awesome though, because it gave us the urges to clean the house finally XD Benefits right? So the people came, we did a song, prayer, another song, the Sacrament, and then we closed with a prayer. It was short, but the good thing was that including us, eighteen people came!

The baptism was spectacular! Arnaldo passed the baptismal interview and the next day we held the service. Baptismal services here are very interesting, because we do them in the beach. we had to walk to the coast where there was a sufficient amount of water and do the baptism. We also did the confirmation there as well, because that is the procedure here in San Blas. By the way, I got to confirm my first person, and I did it in Spanish! Woot!

The week went by well. On Tuesday we had zone conference in a island more closer to the mainland called Carti Tupile. President Current traveled there and met us there. He, with the APs talked about making goals and improving our work with the youth. Here in small villages, working with the youth is the key in building the Lord´s work, because more missionaries can come from it. It´s also revelation straight from President Nelson with working with the youth. Then, I had my interview with President. It went well. We then ate Subway and finished the conference. It was kinda funny leaving, because President and his wife came with us on the boat. Who would´ve thought?

Then, the rest of the week was just comprised with finding and following up with investigators. We are working with people named Elbiana, Delcio, and Eudencio. They´re progressing really well, so I´ll let you know how they´re looking for next week. Delcio is the most special, because when we explained the Book of Mormon he wanted one right away. Really cool! Yeah, so great week all in all! I´ll always remember the time having church in my own house haha!

So that´s it! Love ya´ll! Stay safe!

Elder Overall


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