October 23, 2018


Irigandi Island, San Blas Islands, Panama


Elder Dudley

Mission Week 61

October 15, 2018

Hello everyone!!!!

So as you all know, I am here in Irigandi and i am just loving it! To answer your questions we opened this island, so for now we have been struggling getting everything we have needed. We are still looking for someone to clean our clothes and we haven´t been able to shower as much as we have wanted. But the good news is that we got the equipment to shower today, so we´re good! :)

It´s been a great week so far! i´m here with Elder Dudley and we have been getting along well! He does have to have a little patience with me not knowing the new language, but he understands that I´m at learning it. The good thing is that a lot of people understand the basics of Spanish, so I´m not completely helpless. Here is such a new experience for me, but I do know that I am glad that i did Boy Scouts, cuz without it I wouldn´t have been able to survive out here! It´s a lot like camping, but you are still situated in a village. Oh by the way, the people are incredible here! It´s a small village of like 40 houses, so everyone already knows my name :) It´s crazy, because I was only here for three days and people remembered my name and I have been in other areas for three changes and they still didn't know my name! That´s what I call tender mercies ;)

So, I left the city early in the morning to drive all the way to the docks. It was like a three hour drive through the mountain scenery. I also passed through my first area!!! Good mems! :) When we got there, I got to meet my companion and get in a motor boat, so that they could drop us off on our coastal pueblo. I felt like a little savage, because from that point on I was going to live a seaman.

The work here has been amazing! On that Tuesday, we put our first baptismal date! He is a nine-year-old kid who lives with his mom who is a member. He should be a for sure baptism. Also, finding people has been interesting here. We do Cosechas on the same houses alot, because there aren´t alot of houses in the village. Another investigator is actually our land lord. She let us borrow her spare kitchen and we asked if we could teach her and she said yes. She has been really positive so far! yesterday, we gave a priesthood blessing to her dad. I could tell she felt the spirit!

Also, something random that I thought i would talk about. On Saturday a lot of people left to find coconuts and we were really confused why. When they returned, they asked us to help them deshell them. We went to help like four families do this as service. We asked why they needed them and they told us that they use them to pay people. Apparrently each one is worth 40 cents. I am actually quitw certain that they use coconuts to pay their tithing here! Wow ain´t that interesting!

Yeah, so that was the week. I´m hoping for an even better one this week! Love you all and am grateful for each and everyone of you! Yeah, I am not sure if I will be able to write every week, so just a head´s up! See ya´:)

Elder Overall


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