October 14, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Clymer

Mission Week 60

October 8, 2018

Dear people who know me,

Here I am in Panama just enjoying the mission haha! Before I start my letter I just thought i´d wish Collin and Jillene a happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope that you enjoyed your special days getting older! I was celebrating them doing the work of the Lord :) I also want to say that Conference was awesome! Man, revelation is coming everyday. Oh and by the way, for all of you who have heard me use the wrong term of the Church, I would just like to apologize and tell you that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

This week has been crazy! I honestly don´t know where to start haha. I guess I will just talk about the most important events. So, Tuesday was a very long day. no one was accepting us in their homes, so we were a little saddened. Then, we decided to sit down and pray. Before we started praying, a lady called us over for a drink of water. She felt bad for us and let us sit in the shade. Then, she was super nice to us, so we asked if we could return the next day to share a message :) we came back the next day, but she wasn´t there. However, her roommate was home so we shared a message with her. She´s from Venezuela and at first she wouldn´t accept us due to the belief that we have in another ¨¨Bible¨¨. We sat down with her and explained her the Restoration. As we taught, her attitude completely changed. She felt the Spirit so hard and she could tell that what we said was true :) She said she would read the Book of Mormon.

Then, Friday happened. As you know, we have been working with Mariela and Bridget and we thought we had verified the date for that Saturday. However, as we talked to them, they said that they wanted more time. They came to Conference though! They felt the Spirit there as they heard the talk by Elder Uchtdorf. He invited them to come to the fold, and unite themselves. It really touched them. So we´ll see what happens with them in the future.

Then, to finish off the week on Sunday, crazy things happened! First of all, it was Jillene´s Birthday! Second off, we had an investigator come to church. Her name is Ana.... wait for itttttttt..... Sugar!! Haha yeah that´s really her name and she´s really cool! Thirdly, and finally, I got transferred! Sadly, I´m leaving my area, but i´ll will be seeing new experiences where I will be going. I´m going to San Blas!!! I will be on the islands and I didn´t think that they would ever send me! You have to be a really great missionary to get sent there, because it is so far from everything else! :O I´m deeply honored that I have been called by the Lord there to help His children come unto Him through baptism! I´m going to an island called Irigandi (I don´t know the spelling)
So, Jillene that´s what i was told on your birthday, so be proud!

I just want to say that I know that the Savior lives and that He directs His work! I know that the main theme of the Conference was STAY ON THE COVENANT PATH! We are God´s children and He wants us to return! I love you!

Stranded on tropical island,
Elder Overall

PS. I´m too lazy to send pictures. I´ll send some next week. Sorry....... ;)


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