October 2, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Clymer

Mission Week 59

October 1, 2018

Hi peoples!!!

It has been a wonderful week! Lots of rain and diabolical dogs, but it´s been great! We had a baptism yesterday and boy was it spectacular! Her name is Andrea and she is an older sister of a part member family. When we first met her, she had no desire to get baptized, because of her past problems. However, with explaining to her the Atonement, she found that she had a desire to follow the example of the Savior and get baptized :) Pictures will come I promise ;)

Oh and just before I forget, tell former- Elder Cox hi! I did cross country with him and we had some good times! I totally forgot we were in the same ward, because his family moved in after he left on his mission.

So the week. It honestly was a pretty slow week, but we pulled it together fine. I´m honestly feeling strengenthed by the Lord when I have to go through hard things, so don´t you all be worrying about me. We didn´t really have a lot of success with new investigators, but we focused on the little miracles this week that made it more satisfying :) We spent our week working with the ward and we went on a visit with the Sister Escartin. She´s pretty cool, but I feel like she went fire- and- damnation preaching on one of our investigators which made us a little scared. Our investigator wants to get baptized, but her and her husband worship Catholic Saints, so that was the topic of the lesson. I don´t think the investigator was offended, so that was good. Then, we have been working with this other investigator named Emma. At first it was difficult for her, because she said it was difficult for her to keep one of the commandments. She had doubts about it, but she said that she would come to church. She came on Sunday to church with her eight-year-old sister and they looked like they were participating well with other members. We´re going to keep progressing with them! Then, another miracle happened, where we committed Mariela and Bridget to baptism for the 6 of October after Conference :) It has been hard with them because Mariela studied with the Jehova´s Witnesses for a long time, but never got baptized. She feels a special witness that the work is true! I´m so glad that the spirit could testify to her heart!

Last thing that happened was my companion´s birthday! A family invited us over for food and cake and ice cream! It was an awesome way to end the Saturday! So, that´s the week, love ya´ll!

That guy that never fails to write every Monday,
Elder Sobretodo


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