October 2, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Clymer

Mission Week 58

September 24, 2018

Hey you guuuuyyyysss!

This week has been ridiculous! I honestly can`t believe how much rain there was this week! Good golly, like every day of the week the streets were flooded, so the only option was to walk through it! On Saturday, we couldn`t take it anymore, so we took off our shoes just to cross a street. Boy, was that a crazy day.... But, other than the rain, we had a pretty great week full of progressing investigators.

On Tuesday, we kinda struggled with teaching investigators, because a lot of appointments fell. However, we followed up with our investigators. Then, Wednesday we had the chance of working with the APs and the Zone Leaders. they wanted to come to our area to do divisions (we are doings a lot of splits lately but what can I do). It was honestly kind of fun, but i was really worried what the people would think when they see six white guys running around the place. Then, Thursday I had my interview with President Current! It was awesome, because he gave me some advice on how I could improve and after that i was motivated to work. I was thankful for that experience :) Friday was really sad for me, because we gave the Book of Mormon to a Venezuelan guy and he said he would read it. The next time we came we found ourselves testifying so much of its truth, because he decided not to read it, but find scriptures in the Bible to counter it. After awhile, we came to the conclusion that there was no hope for him, so we stopped. Then, he gave us the Book of Mormon back and said that we will be condemned at the last day for preaching from its contents... That put me down for the rest of that day. But I knew that Heavenly Father wanted us to be focused on the work, so we did our best to have a better day. We went to a member and we went through the ward list, found less active families and appointments for the next day. We went on Saturday and had a major success! We found six new investigators.

Finally, Sunday came and it was a miracle. We had a whole family of four come to church and two more investigators! It was incredible! These people were able to be fellow shipped by the ward so well that we`re going to help them prepare for baptism! We`ll see how it all goes :)

I just want to say that i love you all and am thankful for each and every one of you! Have a great week :)

The man with the plan who can,
Elder Sobretodo

PS- I FOUND DR PEPPER AND CREAM SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The things that I have been missing haha


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