September 18, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Clymer

Mission Week 57

September 17, 2018

Dear family and other peeps,

I am terrible, but I started writing late, so I am just going to give you the Small Plates of Nephi version of this email. So, Tuesday was cool because at the end of the day, our district leader`s companion had to stay with for the night! It`s kind of funny to have a trio of missionaries especially if they are gringos haha. I called us the THREE NEPHITES! We preached with power and authority that day! Then, Wednesday came around and we taught Mariela and Bridgite and they were being really cool with us and they shared stories with us that we really needed to hear. Now we know how she feels and what we can do for her. As we returned on Saturday, we talked about baptism again, Mariela says that she wants to join the Church! She says she wants a preparation, but she really loves the Church and she wants to be a member! :) We`re going to work with them this week! Then, Thursday we had splits. I went with Elder Banister and we set fire! We found seven new investigators that day and they are super cool people to work with! There`s a lot to do around here in the area. Then, in the night I made Elder Banister pizzadillas. they are quesodillas with pizza ingredients. They are so amazing and he said that they were bomb! Why thank you Elder ;) Friday, was a lot of rain that hit us, because of the hurricane. The past few days have been annoying because of the rain, but I guess there are things just you can`t control. Saturday was cool because we found someone ready to be baptized. We taught him and invited him to be baptized and he wants to join the church with his ten-year-old neice! It was a cool lesson and we`ll see his progression this next week. Sunday was kind of hard, because we didn`t have a single investigator in church. However, I know that the Lord is always there for us in our trials and adversities; He will give us the desired success next week if we are faithful. Then, to top it off, today we had a p-day activity for all of the Elders! It was awesome, because I had the opportunity to play ping pong, soccer, American football, and Uno!!!! I have been to paradise and back my friends <3 Then, we ate super cheese from Little Caeser`s! It was awesome!

So, that was my week, and if you feel that there was nothing heart-felt in this letter, I just want to say I love you! There! Heart-felt, your welcome ;)
Haha ya`ll are the best!

Elder Overall


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