August 28, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Arriaga

Mission Week 53

August 20, 2018

Hello family, friends, and other aquaintances that I made at some point in my life,

So that you all know I like to look at my mission status as half empty, just so it can make me lessed stressed for post-mission depression! Haha yeah the mission has honestly treated me really well this year and I honestly can´t believe I´ve been out this long O: I read my journal on Thursday and turned to August 16 of last year and it was when i wrote for the first time in the airplane going to the MTC. Boy was that a weird experience, because it honestly feels like it was yesterday! What´s happening with me!!!!!!? Oh and if you´ve ever opened your journal to a year before and read your Spanish before learning it, I´m glad you comprehend my pain.

So this week was pretty awesome, because on Monday we found two investigators who are incredible! Since Monday, we have taught them everyday and they even came to Church yesterday on their own! :) It was such a happy feeling for me, because it made me remember that the Lord had sent these people and He knew they were prepared for the Restored Gospel! The two investigators are named Mariela and the other is named Brigitte. The first is the mother and the other is the 13-year-old daughter. They have really good questions and on the second lesson when we taught the Book of Mormon, they have been reading it and loving it! Brigitte is really awesome, because one of the days, she asked, How did you two recognize your answers to your prayers? Just hearing that question helped us to testify with the Spirit to help her recieve her answer and it helped us to know which scripture she needed. We left Alma 32.

We have been working with other investigators, including Maikel, but they are needing a little more time. They are progressing, so we´ll see how they go this week. Also, with Maikel, he hasn´t been keeping his commitments to coming to church, but the bishop is giving him permission to be baptized if he assists this Sunday. We are going to help him keep his committments this week.

On Thursday, it was special, because we had interviews with President Current. he gave me counsel on how I can better myself for this new year of my mission with Spanish, teaching, and etc. It´s always very encouraging to be able to talk with President; it always gives me a renovating feeling to get to work and improve! I´ve got work to do! ;)

Well, that´s all folks! I hope you all had a splendtastic week and are enjoying everything! I know that alot of you have entered school, which is weird to me. I´ve been here a while, so I have forgotten what school is like.... Uh oh.... I guess that´s what it means to be lost in the work!

Yours truly,
Elder Overall


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