August 28, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Arriaga

Mission Week 52

August 13, 2018

Hey people!!!

Haha procrastinated writing this letter, so I don`t have that much time. Yeah I know Mom, but don`t hate me please!!!!! I done messed up.....

So to make it short, cool story time! Maikel, an old investigator, told us on Saturday that he wants to get baptized! It`s so exciting, because the rest of his brothers are baptized and he hasn`t been sure of getting baptized until now, so we know that he`ll be ready by this Saturday!! Also, we will be working with three other people this week, so that they can be ready for baptism by this weekend, as well, so we will see what happens!

Basically every day of this week has been hard. because of the amount of rain each day. Like seriously, Saturday, I thought that it was a literal hurricane, because I couldn`t see anything from the amount of rain. However, I know that if I don`t complain the Lord will bless me without end :) That is His promise that we shall have no promise until we do what He says.

Not alot happened this week. The only thing that has happened has been that we have been finding like crazy, so that we can complete our goal for the month. We are trying to help people prepare for church attendance in the end of the week. So, we have come to the conclusion who will be our investigators that we will focus on, so they can progress. Also, on a side note, I cannot count how many Books of Mormon we gave out this week! So many!!!!!! I just hope that people will keep their commitment to read it :) It truly brings people unto Christ!

Also, funny story. We thought it was a good idea to order pizza, but now I have the biggest regret. So we ordered and waited and finally the guy came angry, because he got lost and couldn`t find our house. He blamed us for giving the wrong directions. Oops. But, we open the pizza box and it was tiny and and smashed up and worst of all, it cost $8..... (If you didn`t want to read this story, I`m sorry) XD

Church was cool, however I was called to give a talk, because my companion (like Elder Call) told the Bishop that I am really good at speaking and that II would love to do it. So the talk went well all in all. But, Spanish isn`t my strength! I think the Spirit was there though!

Ugh. Don`t have alot of time, but love you all and wish you all the best! Yay!!! I`'m hitting one year in the mission!

Elder Sobre todo


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