August 28, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Arriaga

Mission Week 54

August 27, 2018

Dear family,

This week was pretty amazing! But before I say anything, I will say that we had transfers and I....... am staying!!! But my companion left and now I have a new companion whose name is Elder Clymer! He is pretty cool and he`s from Colorado; we have a lot of fire to catch this change as we find the Elect of God! It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Arriaga, because we only had one change together and all, but all is well I guess!

Also, we had a baptism yesterday and it was a spiritual service. Yesterday, Maikel was baptized and he is really excited to start on this new path in his life. Also, I won`t be able to send pictures of his baptism, because i haven`t recieved the camera yet. But, next week I should be going to the city to retrieve it! POR FIN!! Church was spiritual and even more amazing, because one of our investigators that we had been inviting for four weeks finally came to church and we are planning the baptism for her son the next weeks or so. We can do this!!

I can honestly say that this week was a little slow and I honestly don`t remember a lot that happened in the beginning of the week, but by the end was crazy! In our cosechas we asked for a family of three that was ready for the Gospel and man we found this family and they are so willing to be baptized. The only thing that they need is to attend church and they will be on their way! Their name is the familia Batista. Also, the next day we asked for the family of four who was ready to be baptized. After thirty seconds of walking we felt an impression of going to the end of a street and there was the Sister Jamie! She says that she has been looking for a church to congregate and says that she has a friend in the church and she has always heard good things about it! :) She has a husband and two children; a family of four! Such amazing experiences that really brought the Spirit each time and I know that in the same way we ask for anything and the Lord will grant it to us if we are faithful! I invite you all to do it also!

Then, to finish off, on Friday and Saturday, the Assistants came to our house to work with us and see how we work. It was cool to learn from each of them. They gave me some good advice on how to improve in my teaching skills! We worked super hard though! I think we taught like 15 lessons in the area that day!!!! So much running around. But I always like to be challenged it builds character!

I testify that this work is eternal and it is rolling forward each day! Love you all and wish all the best!

With my all my heart,
Elder Overall

PS- I hope you like my blank pictures! They really express myself right?! XD


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