August 28, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Arriaga

Mission Week 51

August 6, 2018

Here it is..... week number x (because I hoestly never have been counting haha) ;)

So here are the details! The week was pretty spectacular, because we have really improved with finding new investigators! Just Monday we had a miracle happen to us :) We asked in our cosecha prayer to find a family where there were mebers in the family, but that was at least one kid of nine years or older. After the prayer, we both had this thought that there was someone who shouted, ¨Missioneros!¨ the week before. After that, we went exactly where that house was and found them. This house comprised of the mom who is member and she has a nine-year-old daughter. They are such a nice family and they had recently moved into the neighborhood like three months prior. The family loves the Church, but the daughter has never been baptized. It was after then, that we made a return appointment and invited her to baptism and the parents without even thinking about it gave their daughter permission to be baptized :) I know very well that Heavenly Father wanted this family to be found that He sent His servants by revelation directly to where they lived!

Also, we had a baptism this week! Santiago got baptized! I don`t know if I`ve talked about him, but he is just awesome! He loves to go to church and just knowing the importance of baptism, made him not have any doubts about it`s sanctity! I`ll send a pic. Tuesday, we had splits with the other Elders. I stayed in my area with a ¨greenie¨ from Bolivia. Yeah I know what you`re thinking Collin that I`m using the term greenie, even though to you, I`m always a greenie at heart. Well.....sometimes you gotta face the truth. Haha anyways, it wasn`t the best day, because a lot our appointments were falling, but I can say that it wasn`t completely a failure, because we did a lot of positive cosechas! the next few after were straight fire, thanks to cosechas! Then, we finished off the week with fast day, which was pretty special, because we were fasting for our baptism goals as areas, zones, and mission. Our goal is to baptize 117 people in a month as a zone and for the mission we are going to baptize 1000 people in three months! It takes faith, but the Lord will let it happen according to His will.

So, that`s basically it! I hope everything will be stellar this week for everyone going back to school and stuff! Also, this is random, but if you ever run in to anyone from Costa Rica say to them, ¨Pura Vida!¨ I just that would cheer ya`ll up haha. esta chill ;)

Your long lost hermano,
Elder Overall


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