August 6, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Arriaga

Mission Week 50

July 30, 2018

So here it is........... the moment you all have been waiting for......... I literally did nothing this week!!!!!!!!
Haha broma!

But I will have to tell it was a pretty laid-back week, other than the fact that we had our first baptism in the area! WOOOHOOO! His name is Elias and most of his brothers are members. Also, his cousin is a recent convert of like four months and since then, he been a fireball in the church! The cousin even gave a talk yesterday in sacrament, so I was impressed! Anyways, it was a really great baptism and to make it better, our investigator Santiago wanted to attend the baptism also. We`re helping him prepare for next week, so we`ll be doing everything possible for that to happen. He`s really progressing!

Wednesday, we had zone conference and it was very inspiring! We made the goal to baptize 1000 in August, September, and October as a mission again this year! Our phrase is, ¨Give us this mountain!¨ We know that the Lord will prepare these people for us depending on our obedience and faith to act! We are ready to work! We also talked alot about utilizing our time more efficiently and that always helps me, because I want to be as good as I can at teaching people who will progress towards coming unto Christ through the ordincances of the Gospel.

Thursday, was normal in the sense that we taught and did our cosechas which were really cool! Friday was almost the same, except we had a really awesome cosecha where we found a mom and a daughter, who were in serious medical condition. The daughter cut her leg on something sharp the day prior and the mom has been in and out of the hospital with problems with walking. She also has problems speaking at the moment, but the fact that she could feel the spirit as we left the blessing has brought her to feel comfort in her infirmities! We had a return appointment on Saturday and we have one today. We want to work with the entire family, so that they can get baptized together. Also, APs worked with us for the last part of the day. It was cool to see how they worked and what techniques they used to teach. However, I think we scared our investigators a little, because we had to teach with four missionaries haha! Oops...... Then, Saturday we traveled to the area of the zone leaders to do a baptismal interview and then traveled to another missionaries`area. We were traveling for most of the day, but we still had time to get things done. Then Sunday was the baptism; I`ll show you pics.

That`s all I have to say about that, but thanks for the emails and the pics! Que locura que yo voy a cumplir un año ya!!!!! AAAAYYYY jaja. Bueno pues. LES QUIERO! <3

Elder Overall

PS- have you guys ever seen the new Preach My Gospel? What does it look like? It hasn`t been printed in Spanish, so my mission isn`t using it until 2019


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