August 5, 2018


Arraijan, Panama


Elder Arriaga

Mission Week 49

July 23, 2018

Hey friends and fam!

Here we are, new week, new area, and new me! It has been an interesting week getting to know the recent converts, the members, and just everyone in general! Haha if you saw some skinny gringo who looked lost, I can assure you that was probably me XD! But Arraijan has been great so far! We really are having success and I see an influx of baptisms already! It´s because the recent converts are so awesome, and they are always willing to give references of their friends! Like just yesterday, a kid who was baptized four months ago brought his friend to church, so now we have more to work with this week!

I honestly see alot of potential in this area; I know that the Lord wants to grow His kingdom here in Arraijan! :) So this week..... we started with getting to know the area, finding recent converts and finding old investigators from the Sisters before (my area was a sisters´ area). It was successfull; we got to know more and we found alot of families where not all of the members of the family were LDS. So that is a good start for us! Also, we found a really awesome Cosecha this week on Saturday! We found a lady and her son who was baptized 23 years ago! When we went back to teach her, she started to remember her liking for the church and how she isn´t liking how there is so much confusion in other churches, so we´re going to be working with this special family ;) The mom is named Vicky. Also, I have to mention Gabriel who is the most awesome convert ever! This kid knows everyone and he´s always helping us in lessons teaching his friends! Haha he was also the first person we met in the area and ever since then, we have been finding our way around! He wants to go on a mission, so get em my friend!

Then, I had splits with the zone leaders! It was stressful, because I didn´t know where I was going in the area, so still had to ask the members where I was going so I didn´t get lost. It worked out! it was a good learning experience. Then, Saturday was a big paseo (it means pass time in the Spanish tongue); we were traveling all day, because my comp is a district leader, so we went to four different areas to do baptismal interviews. We literally didn´t work all day on Saturday, but it´s ok because souls were saved that day haha! Sunday was spectacular going to a different building and all! The members in the ward are really nice and really like the missionaries. Oh and because they like us so much, they had us go up to introduce ourselves and bear our testimony! Haha I guess that´s what I get for never bearing my testimony before the misson XD All in all the meeting was great. I´m sure our two investigators loved it too; we are helping them prepare for their baptisms next week. Vamos a ver que pasa!!!

Love ya´ll and am grateful for each of you! OH AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PARENTS!!!!!!! We have a pretty great family cuz of you guys :)

The one who actually stole the cookie from the cookie jar ;)-
Elder Overall

PS- Yes please send a camera still! Right now I bought a cheap, old camera from another missionary, but it doesn´t work well either. If you can, I would like something water-proof. I hope I don´t sound too greedy.... I just haven´t taken alot of pics lately. But don´t worry if you can´t get it here super fast ;)


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