July 8, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Verela

Mission Week 45

June 25, 2018

What happens with ya´ll?

This week went like the snap of a finger, but boy we was working! Haha but in all seriousness, it was a pretty eventful week. Like last week we`ve been finding teaching and leaving behind those who we don`t think will progress. It`s always done by what the Spirit tells us to do, so we know the Lord always has our backs! It was also quite special this week, because we had interviews with President Current, so i was able to receive some divine counsel directly for me from the Lord. It was very encouraging to me of what he said to me that i went out this week giving more of myself, just because I know how important this work is to the Lord! Also, just a quick side note that on the way back from interviews, there was a churro stand!!!!! Like, heck yes you know I was gonna make a stop there haha! Oh and they weren`t like the ridiculous priced churros from the world`s happiest place on Earth ;), but they were four for $1! <3 So, you`re probably wondering if that was the most exciting thing that happened this week! Well, it honestly was until what happened during the weekend, but I`ll talk about that later.

Wednesday and actually every other day of this week was ridiculous, because it rained hurricanes and flooded the streets. I told my companion, that if I wasn`t a missionary right now I would have totally river raft right there, but after the mission is the ideal approach! So we still got extremely soaked, even when I was using my umbrella and we just gave up and waited 15 minutes till the rain stopped. We still got a lot done for the day, thankfully! Then, Thursday, was memorable, because I ordered KFC delivery, because we didn`t have a meal appointment and surprisingly only took 30 minutes of our time. So, yeah, worth it! ;)

Then, we were preparing all of our investigators, so that they could come to church and a good amount said that they were free. However, the Panama World Cup game was yesterday at 7 in the morning. So even though, church is at 9 after the game ended, people still found it kind of hard to get to church. It was then, that I sat there in the church really down on myself. I thought for sure people would come, but no. I tried contemplating on what we did wrong how we could change, but I couldn`t think of anything, because all have our agancy no matter what blessings come from our choices. So, it was at that time that I did what we all taught to do in this church, that is, ASK OF GOD! I prayed, pleading that God would send us a baptism that very day and that He would send a specific golden investigator named Siumai. After like ten minutes of waiting, Osvaldo, the boy we were going to baptize four weeks ago, walked in with his cousin. He never has had permission from his mom, because he wants him to get baptized in the Catholic church, even though he attends to ours. So, he just walked in the Sacrament room and I didn`t think anything of it. Then, ten more minutes passed, and I saw Siumai with her mom and nephews walking in to the chapel! Boy was I happy, because I knew that the Lord was answering my prayer and he was aware of my troubles. However, we still didn`t see any proof of a baptism, so we were unsure. After walking in to the Sacrament room and sitting down with the family, Osvaldo miraculously came up to us and said Elders! I`m getting baptized today! My mom gave me permission yesterday! There it was; an answer to my prayer! It was exactly what I had asked for and the Lord sent it to us! I am beyond grateful to know that the God is a God of miracles and He will work them among the children of men! I know that if all people can have faith, the Lord will provide exactly what we need, because He loves us and will lift us up from our burdens! I am beyond excited what will come this week, as we continue the work of salvation! This work is eternal!

Thy beloved brother,
Elder Overall


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