July 1, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Verela

Mission Week 44

June 18, 2018

Hola buenas dias! Como estan ustedes?!!

Today is one day after Father`s Day, two days after my ten month mark, and two hours from the drepressing loss of Panama in the World Cup! Yeah, alot of people look really depressed right now..... But I`m sure they`ll get over it. Dad Happy Father`s Day!!!!! It was only twenty Father`s Days ago when you became the best Dad ever! (If you do the math you`ll know why ;)) And ever since then, till know you have always been there for me and listened me and have understood me! I hope that you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed your salmon! You definitely deserved it buddy!

So I just want to ask a random question. I`m really curious about the broadway revue. You guys never told me what everyone performed! I was really wanting to know that haha! Yeah I know it`s like a month later, but if you could tell me that would be really great :)

So on to the week. Well to start off, it has been kind of stressful this week, because we have been continuing to find and search for those we can baptized. However, it was stressful, because not a single investigator wanted to come to church, due to Father`s Day. So we were really sad, because we wanted to meet our goal for June which is 8 baptisms. However, without our noticing, two investigators showed up to church. Because of this, we have options of how we can baptize! The Lord is watching over us and wants us to meet our goal and His goal, for it is according to His will that all this comes to pass. Also, We had splits twice this week. On Tuesday, I went to Kuna Nega with the Zone Leaders. It was chill. I just helped teach their lessons and learn some more insight on how to do missionary work! There is alot of poor, humble people there that I really like :) Then Wednesday was normal. not much happened. Then, Thursday I went on splits with Elder Tenney in his area! It was dope to spend the day with another Mesa Arizonian. He really understood what it meant to, BRING THE HEAT #Arizona
So, it was really cool talking about Mesa life and the love for Filibertos. You may be surprised, but I miss that place :(

Saturday, I had my ten months, and all we literally did, was run around seeing who would go to church and if we could have hope for baptizing the next week. It seems that four of those fell, because the parents didn`t want to give permission and the others, because they were busy. They can still get baptized, but not for the month of June!

But, to end with the sad story, I know that I am happy! I know that I have been blessed immensely and that I won`t be able to have experiences like I`m having here ever again. The mission has changed me and will continue to change me untill, I fully understand what it means to go to Gethsemane and back! The Savior knows my pains and my weaknesses and He wants me to overcome them! Like Han Solo once said, IT`S TRUE, ALL OF IT!

That special someone ;),
Elder Sobretodo

Haha these pictures are from many days ago, but I have been so lazy to send these XD So here are pictures of what I do in my spare time and not in my spare time. By the way, pumpkin pie tastes so good, when you have not eaten it in fifteen months.... :)


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