June 17, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Verela

Mission week 43

June 11, 2018

What`s up fam?!

Hey fun fact about myself! My camera broke :( It still takes pictures haha, but the screen went bizerk! I`ll look for another one to buy some other pday I guess. Also, to answer your question, I need an adapter, because for some reason, my SD card never is read in the moniter. So yeah......... But enough about that subject: how has your Monday been? Did you all do something spectacular? Don`t lie to me!!!!

Haha oh yeah, the week. So it has been really busy this week! We have a goal to baptize 80 in the zone, I mentioned before. It consists of finding new investigators everyday with baptismal dates, and trying to keep up with following up with the investigators that are progressing! And if there are people that are not progressing, we put them in the Area Book for later. So it`s a lot of work, but I can honestly say, that the Lord is always putting great people in my path! We have found three married families and a big part-member family and also some really cool single parents that would love to prepare for baptism! If all comes out well, we are looking at an influx of baptisms in the Lord`s Kingdom! However, it still takes a huge role on our part! Also, a lot of sacrifice due to the large amounts of rain everyday, but that`s what I like to call weak things being made strong. I`m being toughened up haha! Que locura!

We also had zone conference this week! Those always fire me up! I always just imagine how I can be a better Representative of Jesus Christ everyday. And I always have to ask myself, Do I love this more tha the Savior? We want to be like Him to show our love for Him! Then, we all had Subway sandwiches. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited <3 Ya`ll ready know doe!

We were going to have a baptism on Sunday, but it turns out again that a father didn`t agree with it, so we`re going to have to talk to him on Wednesday. Pray for us! This girl wants to get baptized and she loves the Church! She even said an opening prayer for us and it was the most beautiful prayer that I have heard from any investigator in my life :) We`ll be ready! She came to church on Sunday with her brother and they both loved it and want to keep coming back every week!

So that was all that came to mind for this week! I just want you to know that every trial that we face is a benefit to us that is given to us by our Father in Heaven! When we feel that God has abandoned us, we humble ourselves, and we start to see the holy sanctuary that we are in and our divine potential. We might compare our depressing state to a temple, going from grief to a state of indescribable joy! I invite you all to find joy in this week and put all sad feelings aside!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Overall

PS- Have I ever told you that when I tell people that I`m from a desert, they freak out and think I`m crazy? They be like, Are you a savage? XD


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