June 3, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 40

NOTE: From Elder Overall, (Nathan's) mom. For those who wish to write him directly, his email address is:

May 21, 2018

Dear people that I sometimes forget exist.
I have no idea how much time I have and nor do I care. I seriously am trying to get over the fact that another year of high school is ending and more of my friends are moving on in the next stages of life! Like what????? Anyways, I´m so excited to see where June takes me, whether I am leaving or staying. Vamos a ver.

This week, I´ll be completely honest, wasn´t very eventful until we hit the weekend, but before it was kind of slow. Yeah, so Eduardo depressingly fell and we don´t think he'll get baptized....... We literally felt that he was a miracle, but Satan got to him and he listened. After Monday he never called ever again like he always did and he somehow got work out of nowhere. He gave his number to a member in the ward who has was texting him, but he said that he was always busy to meet. Then to fast forward the story, we kept trying to stay in contact with him, but never picked up until finally he picked up on Saturday. He told us that we could come in the afternoon at 6, so really happily we sped through our appointments, payed for a taxi, and arrived there with the heart breaking disapointment of him not being there. After that we gave up and just cryed for his deceitful behavior, but you know it all turned out in the end. Although, we had a baptism drop and lost a soul, we found some really significant families that I´m sure will progress! We found this really big family in Cosechas that contains a mom who was really active in the Church ten years ago, but her branch was changed into the ward we are in now and it is far. However, she has never lost faith, she knows that the Doctrines of the Gospel are true and she would love to have her family participate! Also, miraculously, we found another family, where the grandma was baptized, but was inactive, her family says they would attend church as well! I can truly testify that the Savior will always provide His sheep when we are obedient and worthy, even though Eduardo didn´t work out, it doesn´t mean there aren´t more follows of Christ in the world!

That is all that went this week, my beloved brothers and sisters! Love yall
Elder Sobretodo


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