June 3, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 39

May 14, 2018

Querido Familia,

Well, there you have it; another computer come and gone. It´s a weird feeling, but a good feeling to talk to you all face to face! I`m glad we had that talk and that Mom could have a spectacular Mother`s Day (let´s be honest, you all know that I made it better ;)) Haha just kidding, but seriously Happy Mother`s Day MOM!!!!

So this week was pretty awesome! We really changed our work ethic alot finding as many people as we could, so that we could have investigators in church. We seriously worked our tails off finding, teaching, and preparing them to go to church. The result was getting 7 investigators to church, but if everyone went, we would have had like 12 go! I told you about the miracle guy named Eduardo. He talked to us we were walking by and we set a return. He seriously will probably be my best convert, because we gave him the Book of Mormon like three days ago and he has read like almost all of First Nephi. He also told us something that really touched us! He said that he had been praying for the Lord to send His messengers, so he could hear the Gospel! He didn´t know that he would be sent the True, Restored Gospel! It was also quite special to see our investigators at church. They said that they loved learning about the responsibilities that we have in families. They want to start applying this doctrine in the home!

Also, I lied about the pizza restaurant.We never went haha. We just got grilled chicken and then we started working at 5. However, it was super hillarious, because a miracle happened at like 8 at night! We got home and someone told us that we were supposed to call a sister in the ward, so that she could bring us dinner in tupper ware. However, we called and she didn´t know that she was giving us dinner, so she went out of her way to buy us KFC! I seriously feel kind of bad, because when she arrived she gave us like four boxes of chicken! I have literally never eaten that much chicken, but this I do testify.... we didn´t sleep that well that night XD.

So as you can see, it was a good week! A lot of adventures happening everyday. Like Saturday night, the Zone Leaders wanted us to do travel fourty five minutes to their ghetto area called Kuna Nega! It was actually kind of awsome, but a waste of time. My companion was going to do their baptismal interviews, but sadly they didn`t pass. My companion started with the first interview and then the grandpa came outside, who´s from a different faith, started bashing on us and wouldn`t let him get baptized. I have honestly never met a man so hard-hearted, but we have to show respect and charity for other people. However, it`s really sad, because the kids that wanted to get baptized have alot of other family members who are members of the Church. Oh well, I guess everyone has their time.

So that is it for the semana! It has been splendid and very humbling. That is actually what I`m working on alot is humility. The ability to submit to the will of God is how we, as His children can recieve blessings! My invitation for you all is to read ¨Beware of Pride¨, by President Ezra Taft Benson, because it is seriously the best talk that I have read. It seriously has put a new perspective on the way I live my life. So, do it I dare you! ;)

The man, the myth, the legend,
Elder Overall


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