May 12, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 38

May 7, 2018

Have you ever had that experience, where you felt like a teenager, but for some strange reason you´re older. Well that´s how I feel right now haha...... aaahhhhhh! Well, as you chillins know, I am twenty years old and it has been quite weird. This morning, we went to McDonald´s to get two Egg McMuffins. Yeah, ya´ll be knowing dat I aint breaking dad´s tradition! Couldn´t help myself haha. Also, we cleaned clothes and now we´re going to buy a pizza from this special pizza place in our area that has always called us to attention! Just going to say my birthday is just a normal pday, but it was nice to nap a little bit today after scripture study and excerise. But seriously, thank you all for the birthday wishes, they have made me happy to know I have great family and friends such as you all! Just to speak a little bit about skyp for a little bit. Next Sunday we´re thinking about calling at 3 PM Panama time. I´m not sure if that works for you guys, but you guys never really gave me a specific time in the afternoon.... Sorry.

Well on to this week. This week was great, because we found some amazing people! However, getting these people to commit to church is very difficult! The problem is that we had stake conference in another area and you would have to pay money for train. Apparently, the people didn´t have the means to come with us to church. However, the Lords always asks us to persevere, so the grander blessings will come! But, more exciting news, we had zone conference this week and Pres. Current told us of our new goal for June. We are going to baptize 400 people in the whole month. The other goal is that every ward or branch in all of Panama is going to baptize a complete family! This has been a new push, so we can work with the members and have them start actively practicing their duty of ministering! I can see grand miracles coming out of this program, especially the fact that at least a whole family can be sealed for all time and eternity! So it was a very inspirational zone conference! I just love how Pres. Current speaks, it really makes me improve to be a better Disciple of Jesus Christ!

Then, we found some spectacular families that I know will progress. Just yesterday, we found a part member family that has been inactive for a year. We invited the four that were not baptized and they all accepted! It was especially more special when an eight year old girl asked us before we were done teaching, I just turned eight, I want to be baptized!!!!! Sometimes you forget that there are people out there like that! We will be teaching them again today. Our other investigators are taking longer than we thought, they can´t keep their commitment of going to church and dropping coffee is a little hard for them. However, they have decreased to only one cup a day, which is a great sign. I just know they are so close, but they need to show the Lord more faith. Pray for us!

Also, it has been raining pretty ridiculously!!! It´s nothing like Mesa, there are rivers everywhere! If only I had an innertube, I could go tubing on the streets! jk I´d get sent home for that XD But, seriously it´s crazy how I have never gotten sick. It like blows my mind haha! Man. I think I can´t think of what else happened this week, other than the fact that we got to know more members in the ward this week and eat delicious food! I gain a little weight from it to be honest, but we always run in the mornings, so it´s chill!

Well, love you all and I just want to say that I have a lot of Jesus love for you! Look up Matt 16. I think. When Jesus asks Peter who He is, and ponder in yourself if you really know who the Savior is and what He has done for you!

Elder Sobretodo


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