May 12, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 37

April 30, 2018


So this week has been a solid 13 outta 10!!! The reason is that the two missionaries from the last change left their area and the area was closed. However, we called President and we asked if we could work in that area and he said yes! So, now we have all the ward boundary and more baptism opportunities! Like I´m not kidding, the first thirty minutes we were working in that area a 17 year old kid came up to us asking where the Church was, because he went three times in another part of Panama. It turns out he never got baptized, so he said that he wanted to! I call that instant success and a miracle in all! Howver, opening that area and our area has been very busy, and harder with all the walking we have to do, but I know that the Lord is with us. No hay una duda en mi corazon de eso! Also, this week was hard, because of the rain season. On Friday, we went out with a future missionary on top of a frickin mountain. Once we were there, a frickin hurracain came down, so we just sat at the house we were teaching for like an hour and a half til the rain let up a bit. However, it happened to rain for the rest of the day...... My companion got really sick from that day. But, to be frank, we found some really great families that day and put baptismal invitations. Other than my sick comp, it was an alright day! Haha actually........ to be honest another thing happened that wasn´t too awesome. It turns out the roof wasn-t placed right on our roof, so alot of water got in. It got all over the floor and we had to move to another house sadly. The greatest miracle, is that my scriptures and everything that has been really important to me didn-t get wet. I am beyond thankful to my Father in Heaven for that! He really is watching out for all the time! So, we packed everything and found a better house and said goodbyes to the owner of our old house. It was really sad, but I know there nothing that she could have done. Trials happen people, no doubt about that!

The other days of the week were really chill. I can´t really say that anything else happened, but we found, taught, and invited to baptism. I will say though that I am loving this new area, because there´s more poverty here and ghetto, so I´m learning alot of city talk which is bien prrrrrrriiiitttyyy! Also, I can definitely see how much the poor need the Gospel. They are so receptive and kind! It really makes me humble when I see their situations! I know that they are children of God and they need His restored Gospel!

Well, that´s it for this week! I can´t believe that the time is flying by! Also, I can´t believe that the next time I write you all, I will be twenty!!!! Holy guacamole!! How have I lived two decades! Que loco!


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