April 29, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 36

April 23, 2018

Dear People that I call my loved ones and friends,

As you have been anticipating, I am still here in Santa Librada of San Miguelito! Elder Call and we have another transfer to baptize like lightning! My companion has just been made the district leader, and he has a few mixed emotions about that haha! No, he tells me he´s excited haha!

Ok, so this week was spectacular! We made more progress with the Gonzales family! I don´t know if I talked about them, but they are all Catholic and the mom is a widow. It was really awesome, because out of the blue, one of the girls went to the Temple with a friend and now they all want to vistit it! They had so many questions about the work we do and the benefits of family history work! Then, one of the girls named Jennifer came to church. She said that she would come like right at 9 AM, but we were waiting in the foyer and she was never coming. Finally, after 35 minutes, we went in the chapel to participate in the meeting. After like, five minutes, a recently-returned sister missionary walked out and then like three seconds later walked back in being best friends with our 22-year-old investigator later! We didn´t mind haha; she literally loves the Church now, especially because she has a friend in the ward! I guess the Spirit was really working with this sister, or she wouldn´t have met her like that! Also, another incredible experience happened! This week we were looking at a map from a member on where inactive families lived. We were walking by this house that I thought was the house, but it happened to not be it. As we went up to the house a really young man came out and seemed really nice. However, we were kind of scared to keep teaching him, because he lived with some other girl. But he seemed nice and miraculously, he investigated the Church alot when he was living in another part of Panama. So, we made a return appointment and the next day he told us something super shocking! Apparently he´s twenty-two and HE¨S MARRIED!!!!! Literally he is the only person that I know here in Panama who is married that young. So, after that we invited him to baptism, and he said, "Of Course!" (in his native tongue of Spanish ). It was definitely quite the miracle indeed!

Haha, I can´t really remember anything else that happened this week! It all just flew away apparently.... But, if you all are looking for a way to have true happiness in you life, look for ways to serve! It seriously can change someone´s life and your´s! I have a testimony that Jesus Christ lives and loves each of us! I know that His Church is the Earth today. I meet many people here who had found the Gospel, but apostacized going to other churches. It makes me sad sometimes how they can let the devil confuse their minds so much, but I guess that is the function of the world. I love you all and hope to hear from you! Especially you friends of mine! Nothing would make my birthday any better than a letter from ya'll! PS- thx for the packages! I really love the Easter candy, card and tie! The music is very beautiful too! Thanks fam!

Keep the faith!
Elder Overall


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