April 29, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 35

April 16, 2018

Overall fam and others!!!

This week has been literalmente increible!! I'll be completely honest, not much happened other than the rainy season started. Like, you guys do not understand.... THE RAINY SEASON STARTED!!!!! So for every day until the beginning of December there will be rain. Yeah so we were walking from district meeting todo tranquilo y poof.... the rain just started pouring out of nowhere. Did not have my umbrella so we sat under a ramada until it stopped! I guess that is why we did not work as much as usual, the rain got in the way of things. But the good thing is that we learned to bring umbrellas the next time haha!

So that is cool that you saw the musical! It's honestly really cool to hear about all of the happenings with the Mesa peeps! I try not to get too trunky about it haha! Yeah, I´ll look for the package. Usually, I just wait for zone conference, but i can ask the ZLs about it.

So this week we have been thinking of new ways to find investigators! We went to different members´ houses to ask for refferals and it turns out there are so many! This is result of the many inactive families that we need to start working with. It´s kinda sad that there are families that have lost the truth in their lives, but it´s definitely a blessing that our Heavenly Father knows them and wants them to return! It´s also a way to help part member families to be united through baptism :) It's time to seek out the righteous!

Also, we had divisions with the district leader. It was kind of fun, because I went with the district leader´s companion who came with me from the MTC! It was cool to work with someone with the same amount of time as me and catch up about what we have done in other areas. However, it was honestly a little stressful with the rain coming down hard over us; we just sat and waited for to slow down. But we did get to teach a family who is really progressing towards baptism! They actually have been reading the Book of Mormon and are telling us that they want to be baptized :) They are super nice and sometimes they give us food from the islands! So dope!!!

Also, I got super paranoid at my companion, because he said that he did something to my bed when I was sleeping and I would find out what it was as I am sleeping. After that I literally lost it and started storming the house for what happened to me and it took me four days to look under my bed and find out what he did..... He wrote a paper that says, ^You´re mom goes to college! Apparently, I should have been more aware to know that April Fool´s Day was a few weeks ago and he pranked me. Boy, did I rage quit after that day; I literally lost sleep for the past two days from that prank haha! I guess I´ll be Christ-like and not get him back! ;)

So, that´s just about it. Sorry that I didn´t write that much; it´s that I didn´t have a very eventful week. Also, haha I just remembered that I left my camera in the house, so I guess I´ll just have to send them next week. SORRY! Please don´t hate me, but sometimes I don´t think about everything like I should.

Also, changes are next week and I´m pretty sure I´m staying with my comp, but if anything happens I'll keep ya'll in the know. Itosa?! (Understand?)

Well, love you peeps so much!! I can´t believe I just hit 8 months today! It feels like yesterday that I left in the airport! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! Well, I guess when you lose yourself in the Work, the time just gets away from you. I just gotta keep having an attitude like Paul to ''Fight a good fight of faith!'' Anyways, tengan una buena seman y recuerdense a escribirme!! Yo les estoy esperando! Haha ciao!

Tu hijo, amigo, hermano, y hombre tranquilo,
Elder Sobretodo


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