April 6, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 32

March 26, 2018

Querido Familia y amigos!

Chuleta!!!! Has another week gone by already!??? That don´t make no sense haha! But seriously though, the mish is flyyyyyyying! It feels like last Monday when i wrote last :o That´s cool that everything is going well at home. I´m sorry to hear about Collin, but I know that everything will turn out alright if you start looking for what the Lord wants you to find! It´s worked for me time after time :) Also, sad about the car accident and the bombings in Texas. :( That´s just another reason why the Savior is coming soon; we need to prepare pronto!!!

I can´t believe General Conference is this weekend! I feel like I was just watching the last one!! Dang the mission is basically time machine; I feel like I have the mentality of an 18-year-old, but for some reason I´m turning 19 :O Hay que creerlo ¿Verdad? Anyways, haha, I can´t wait to sustain Russel M. Nelson as a Prophet of God!

This week has been pretty good! On On Monday we met with a retired pastor for the second time. AYYYY this guy has so many questions, but to be honest he´s one of my favorite people haha! He really wants to know if he´s going to the right place after he dies, because he recognizes there´s doctrine missing from his church. However, he wants to prove him wrong to do that using the Bible (We did our best, and we´ll only visit him every so often; honestly it´s kinda hard....). The good thing is he agreed to read the Book of Mormon, so he´s been doing his part which is good. Maybe he won´t get baptized now, but someday he will. Then Tuesday, we found an awesome family! We were teaching them about the Restoration, and they were agreeing with us and wanted to go to church. However, sadly they had other commitments, so if they will see General Conference, they´ll go this week! Also, the parents aren´t married, but they were so awesome and said that would do it if it meant to be baptized as a family :) That was probably the happiest I felt in a lesson in awhile! Son bien chevereys! Also, this week, was a little hard, due to appointments falling like everyday, so it was difficult to visit and get new investigators. However, although it was a little slow, we still managed to do some awesome Cosechas and find the families that were already taught by the sisters who were in this area before. I can totally testify that the Lord knows where the people that will progress live, you just have to ask in faith:) Then, sadly, Hna Rivas said that she wanted more time to be baptized, which is totally fine, but she needs to know that she´s ready and it´s not something to be worried about. However, I know that it is a lesson of pacience that I have to learn. Our Heavenly Father is constantly there waiting for us to do His will, even though we sometimes fall away and make mistakes. I know that His love for us is infinite and so my charity for Hna Rivas should be the same!

Then, Sunday happened. You might want to fasten your seatbelts, cuz you´re in for a funny story! So we arrive at church at like 8:50 and the church starts at 9. So, we did what young guys usually do when it´s 10 minutes before the start of church; we went to the bathroom to prep ourselves. While I was finishing up, my companion told me that he would wait for me outside, so that all sounded chill to me. 10 seconds went by, and out of the blue my companion comes back in and tells me, You have to give a talk!!! Yeah, you heard me; I had three minutes to come up with a ten minute talk on searching forgiveness. So, I just sat there thinking what I was going to do, searching scriptures and using the material that I had. I literally just read two parables about forgiveness in the Bible (reading my awful Spanish took up like 5 minutes, but at least I wasn´t going on some tangent about all the places I lived and describing each and every member of my family! Then, bore my testimony and finished my talk; to be honest I felt the Spirit and I´m half sure that I made sense XD Then, church end and this was the punch line of my humorous life..... my companion told that they really asked him to give the talk in the first place, but he volunteered me instead. So, yeah, the Atonement real I guess. But, that was my lesson of the day; never let your companion leave your side... EVER!!!

So that was it for the week! Sorry for the story, but I thought my first talk on my mission would be different! I love ya´ll so much and glad to read your emails! Advice: DON´T FORGET TO SMILE!

Fight the good fight!
Elder SobreTodo


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