March 31, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 31

March 19, 2018

Dear Family and Friends!

How ya´ll holding up? I can see some great things going on at home. I´m sorry to hear about Great Uncle Tom! I´m sure he´s enjoying the sweet message of the Gospel like you said Dad! I have a testimony of the Plan of our Heavenly Father!

Well, this week has been interesting haha! I don´t know if I mentioned it in my last email, but my companion and I are opening an area! Oh man, I had no idea the amount of walking, finding, asking for refferals, and more walking that we had to do! It was basically starting from scratch, but by this week, we have gotten to know the members and where recent converts live. However, with all that said, we sacrificed alot by doing more hours of Cosechas. It was difficult, just walking around in the sun, but I can testify that the Lord wants to bless us with His elect! He knows where they live and if we are living worthily, we will be able to be directed by His Holy Spirit! Just this week, we have found like four families, who are married!!! I have never found so many married families in all my time on my mission. Also, we found one widdow lady, that I felt impressed to bless! It was such a powerful experience for me, because she asked for the blessings for her family, but also that she could meet a man in her life! By the way, I could tell that she was so faithful and that she recognizes the workings of the Spirit after I left the blessing. I blessed her house that all the problems and filth of the world would not enter her house, which wasn´t something that she told me she needed! This lady was super surprised and knew that revelation exists! What was even more amazing of this lady is that she doesn´t have a religion in her life, because she hasn´t liked the things that are said in them. I´m seriously praying for this lady to keep making the right decisions to be baptized in the Restored Gospel! That sweet experience with Cosechas has undobtedly strengthened my testimony :)

Also, I will share a secular story! This week we have been walking forever, but within that time my comanion and I have experienced the magical melon duro!!!! I´m not gonna lie, I can eat like 100 of those things, because it´s like eating and drinking nectar! (It´s like a popsicle btw) It´s truly blessing <3 I would send a few home, but you all know how fragile ice is mixed with heat haha! But, you can just imagine how amzing it was right?

Well, I´m out of things to write about other than that the ward I´m in is a little different, because membership is much smaller here. However, it was fun to see a change in the area and meet new people! I don´t if in the ward back in Mesa did the same thing, but the ward here did a special meeting for the anniversary for the Relief Society! It was cool! We had an investigator that came, that enjoyed it; we´re hoping that she can be baptized by next Sunday! I´ll let you know how it goes :)

Well, that´s all folks! I really am super grateful to be here and serving my Savior! I recently found a scripture that talks about our divine purpose as children of God! It helps me remember the great mission that I am called for my entire life. The scripture is Romans 8:16-17 and I would like all of you to read it!

Anyways, be excellent to eachother, and PARTY ON DUDES!
Elder Overall

PS- I tried to send pics, but I don´t think I can get it to work. I promise I´ll figure it out for next week. Sorry.... LES AMO <3 <3 <3


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