March 31, 2018


Santa Librada (San Miguelito Zone)


Elder Call

Mission Week 30

March 12, 2018

Hola! Buenas tardes!!!

So yeah, here I am in a new area! It´s really different that there are more buildings and people and everything is so close together!!!!! Es bien loco! But I´m really excited to get to work! I didn´t have to travel that far haha! It´s like an hour and a half from my other area, but I´m opening a new area so it should be good. I´m in the San Miguelito Zone in the area of Santa Librada and I´m with Elder Call. He´s really cool; he´s just returned from the islands, so he´s been sharing some great stories! I´m excited learn and grow with him and prosper in the work of the Lord!

So for this week, we had a very special event! We had Elder Cook come to speak at a conference with us!!!!!!!! I got to shake the hand of an Apostle for the first time! But besides that, he spoke really powerfully and I am very humbled to know that we are directed by inspired leaders! He told us directly and powerfully that he knows the face of the Savior! I know that His testimony is true! Also, an Area Seventy spoke and emphasized the focus of baptising families to grow the Kingdom of God on Earth! I loved every second of the conference. haha I know what you´re thinking Mom, Do you have a picture? Haha well, no because Elder Cook didn´t have time to get one with us, but the conference happened I promise ;)

Well, for other things that happened this week. The dentist went well; they fixed up my tooth really well! By the way, I´m really thankful fr your prayers everyday! Ya´ll are sweet :) Well, I´ll be completely honest, not alot of things happened this week, except my companion and my district leader found a mom in Cosechas, who is really nice! It was a miracle for them, because she was baptised when she was 14, but said that she became inactive. Then she said that she would love to have her kids baptized in our church!!! Sadly, I wasn´t able to meet this mom, because she was never home, but I´m sure Elder Estrada be excited for this family´s baptism :)

Then, Sunday I just said goodbye to the members in the ward and had very spiritually-filled day! Haha I promise I´ll write more next week. I totally forgot what went on this week after packing my stuff and getting over to my new area.

But, seriously guys, I love you all and am thankful to my Heavenly Father that you are all doing well! Please know that He will always provide a way for each one of us if we have faith! Just remember the faith of Nephi in 1 Ne 3:7! Have a n awesome week!

Nos vemos,
Elder Overall

PS- Haha I was to lazy to unpack my camera, so I didn´t send photos. Don´t worry ´bout it! I´ll send them next week ;)


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