March 11, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Mission Week 29

March 5, 2018

Dear family and friends,

To start of my letter, I just want to say that everything went well at the dentist! However, what I did was only the first part; I have to return on Wednesday to finish. But it really helped. They used anesthesia, so I didn´t feel the deep drilling in to my molar. After all that, they put seal on the tooth, so that they can finish this week. But the real blessing was that the dentist was in the city and it was really nice, but in total it´s going to cost $400! I remember Mom had a root canal that cost so much more than that! I guess it´s cheaper here.

Well, this week was kind of slow, because we had to make three trips to the city for the dentist and a zone conference. For us, it was a little annoying, but we still had the ability to help in the work of the Lord. By the way, I can just testify that if you just make the time in your busy schedule the Lord will always bless you :) Sometimes we think that the shedule is tight, but if we give our time to Him who hath created us, all will work out! So, I remember one day that we weren´t the most focused from all the hassle of the trips to the city, but we were still able to do our hour of Cosechas! As we were walking for one hour we finally came across a house with a single mother, who was really nice! She was totally acceptable to our invitation to return to her house! We will return on Tuesday! Also, we continued teaching to the Montenegro family! They´re doing awesome! They´re really cool and open to us and our lessons and they accepted to read the Book of Mormon. They didn´t keep their committment to come to church, but they promised next Sunday. Sadly, I will be moving areas the next week, so I won´t be able to see them baptize, but it´s exciting to know that they can progress in having an eternal family :) Then, zone conference happened on Friday. We discussed a new program where we will get the members involved in helping with missionary work. It´s called Why Not Me? and the members do a prayer in the morning for asking of three things. That they can have the Spirit, that they can have the strength to open their mouths, and that the people will recognize them as representatives of Jesus Christ! This will really grow the Kingdom here in Panama! When they feel that their are people that could be investigators for us, we go with the family and we do a Cosecha blessing. I´m really excited to see the progress in the Work that comes from this inspired program!

Well, that´s basically it for this week! I´ll let you know what happens next week, because I´ll be changing areas for the first time. I love you all and am grateful for each one of you! Don´t forget that!

Tu querido ser,
Elder Overall

PS- I have been thinking about my birthday a little bit and I remember that Mom said something about a package. So if that is happening can you send a Mormon Tabernacle Choir cd? One that has all types of music. I don´t care which one; you guys know best! Also, if you want me to think of other things, I´ll let you know haha. I at least want the cd ;)


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