March 3, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Mission Week 27

February 19, 2018

Dear Family and all of my beloved friends,

To start off my week, I just want to say that Carnaval is a mistake and should have never existed. It doesn´t make sense to me. Let´s go do all the sins we can, so that we can repent tomorrow...... It was so awful, because so many people in my area left to celebrate, so it was hard to find anyone. Tuesday was the hardest day for finding. Literally walked, prayed, and walked some more haha! But that doesn´t put me down, cuz I´m still on the spiritual high of doing the work of the Lord!

This week was interesting, because my companion and I went to a new area to explore it. It´s called Las Garzas. We found one Cuna family in Cosechas and another family through a man who was driving by an stopped and wanted to learn more about the church. We´re going to see how they progress; it´s hard to tell in these stages. Also, we had the chance to meet with a family that we met a week ago in Cosechas. When we taught them the mom flat out told, I don´t know what church is true; we´ve assisted the Evangelical church, but my son didn´t like it, because the pastor pretended to heal him. He said that the man touched his head as if he had some sort of authority. So out of all of this mom said that she was looking for the truth. It was such a perfect opportunity for us that we got to bear testimony of the Holy Priesthood and the Book of Mormon! She even let us pronounce a blessing on her son. The Spirit was so strong, that I´ll never forget it! :) We´ll meet with them today. Also we had the opportunity to give other Priesthood blessings. To one man who has struggles with the word of wisdom and to a man´s daughter who we hadn´t met before. We were just walking down a street and a man told us to visit his house to give his daughter a blessing. He had been a member for 30 years, but the last three years he hasn´t attended. After the blessing, he told us that he knows that he needs to go back to Church; he recognizes the power of the priesthood in his family! :) It was such a lovely experience that I need to put in my journal haha! I try my best to write in my journal, but sometimes I forget! To end the week, yesterday there was an area conference for all of Central America! It was really cool hear from the Area Presidency and their counsel for the members. However, it was kind of strange, because the first fifteen minutes, the message of Kevin R. Duncan who was speaking in Spanish was translated into English. All the members were looking at me for some strange reason XD (I don´t speak English, I don´t know what you´re talking about haha!)

Well, that ends the week! I love you all and am beyond grateful for your support! It´s such a miracle in my life everyday, that I´m a representative of our Saviour Jesus Christ! He is the Master and He will guide my paths. I am very content to know of the enriched blessings that I will recieve personally and the blessings that all of you will recieve if we all sacrifice our times to the Lord!

My word of advice for all: Don´t worry about them first-world problems!

Elder Overall


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