February 17, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Mission Week 26

February 12, 2018

Querido familia!

This week has been splendid! Gracias for the letter; it´s great to hear everything that is happening at home! I would like to know what´s happening with the Olympics, so if you could keep me up to date that would be awesome :) I´m sorry to hear about Mom. I hope everything goes alright and i will make sure to pray and fast for her! She has done so much for me and I´m beyond grateful :)

This week has been spiritually uplifting, because we had zone conference! On Wednesday we went to the city and we heard President Current speak to us! It was interesting, because we only had two zones, so more people could participate! We received some inspired instruction which will aid me in the mission field.

But, on Tuesday we had day of finding, where you focus all you day on finding new investigators to teach. This day is our key to every week, because we find as many people as we can and the Lord helps us know their needs so they can progress towards baptism. We always have to be worthy, because the Lord is going to send us the people that are ready, we just have to put all our trust in Him! It´s always a lot of work, but that should be the definition of a mission; hard work! But it´s work that i love :)
On Thursday, we had our lessons with our investigators that were preparing for baptism. They are so faithful, and when we asked them what they knew of the law of chastity, they responded, It´s a commandment that we keep so we can prepare to enter the Temple! In all of my mission, I have never heard such an answer from children:) I´m beyond full of joy that they were able to baptize this week. I think it really touched the hearts of their parents who are not members. I hope that one day they can all be sealed together in the Temple! We will meet with the parents this week to see! What was also very special, was that the grandma of these children, has been a member for many years, and to see that there are other members in her family sure will be a joy to her! I know that her family will always be thankful to the Lord for sending us to her house :) I will try to send pictures of the baptisms, sometimes the computers are dumb and won´t let me!

Well, haha I can´t remember anything else about this week! I wish i could write more, but I don´t know what to say more XD I´ll just share a scripture that I have come to love. Helaman 10: 3-4 (I could be wrong, but I think this is the scripture haha) It really, helps me to know the type of missionary, father, and son of God I should be! :) It´s message is such a great peace to all those that read and ponder on it!

Well, anyway peeps; keep the faith and fight agood fight! Love ya´ll
Elder Overall


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