February 17, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Mission Week 25

February 5, 2018

Querido familia y amigos!

I´m super excited for this next week, because my companion and I are expecting to have three baptisms! It´s been awesome, because through all our trials and adversities that we went through, the Lord has blessed us with these people who are ready for this sacred ordinance! On Monday, we were walking and searching for people to teach, when a member from the ward that lives in our neighborhood ran up to us and talked with us. It was at that moment that she introduced her two cousins and her brother, who are not members. The grandma, was baptized in the year 2002, and later her granddaughter, but the rest of the family has been baptised. In these moment, the thirteen-year-old girl told us that the sister missionaries in the ward promised that the Elders could teach English. haha, so yes I am now teaching a group of youth English, but while doing so, we are teaching the Gospel and maybe little by little the parents will want to follow their example and be baptised :) I have learned that the Lord works in mysterious ways, but always has a purpose for His works. If I am faithful and trust in His guiding hand, I know that He will refine me into what He wants me to be! :) (Read Fillippians 4:13) Also if I follow the will of the Lord, I can help bring the blessings of salvation to many people!

Anyway, the other days of the week have been great as well! Tuesday was a day of finding new investigators. Our goal was to find 28, but we only managed to find 14. It was a little difficult, but the message of the Gospel is for people to always better themselves. Then Wednesday, was just a normal teaching day; we had the two baptismal dates from the part member family that I described before! Then, on Thursday, it was kind of interesting. We stopped with some kids on the street who always wave to us. They with their mom, so we sat them down and discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. They seemed very interested that when people passing by were yelling at us, the kids told them to quiet down. These people, by the way, are the crazy people that sit on the side of the street and smoke drugs. But, no need to worry about that, because we completely annoyed their remarks ;) As we testified and finished up, we asked who would want the pamphlet. All of them got so excited and fought to obtain the pamphlet haha! I don´t know if the Lord would teach kids to fight, but if it´s to gain a testimony of the Truth, then I guess it´s ok XD

Then, the other days were just normal days, but we have found some amazing, faithful people! We hope that they can progress! We will see this week! Haha I don´t know what else to talk about other than the fact that I have been out for almost six months! It´s beyond loco; soon it will be my second General Conference and first birthday :o :o I can´t believe it!

Well, love you all!
Elder Overall


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