February 3, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Week 24

January 29, 2018

Querido Familia!

So to inform you all, I am still in the same area of Nueva Esperanza, so by the next transfer I will change. Thank you for your emails! It´s always definitely a joy to me when I hear about your lives.

Well, this week was normal. I had splits again for some reason again. I was with the district leader and we made a goal to find 32 people in one day. In turns out we ended the day with 33 people for teaching in my area! This is quite a blessing for me and I pray with all my heart that they will continue to progress! But I always have to remember to be humble, and remember that it is the will of my Father in Heaven if they are to be baptized. We´ll see what happens. Then on Wednesday, we made the effort to find the needs of these people. One of the families had missionary lessons almost more than two years ago and one of them is baptized. The problem is that she is dating a man who is Evangelical Christian and both his parents are pastors. She says that it´s hard for her to attend church. The only counsel that we can give is that she and all people in the world have to take a leap of faith. If we excercise just a particle of faith, we are promised miracles. Maybe the miracle isn´t moving a mountain or curing a disease, but maybe simply having the ability to healed through the Savior´s Atonement! That is exactly what I´ve learned in my mission is that the greatest miracle of all is repentance! Thursday was pretty much the same day, but there was this conspiracy theorist who was ranting on and on for thirty minutes about something that had to do with the Second Coming. I think I was about to go crazy, but I listened to his words patiently (Kind of haha). At least he calls us "Angels" every time we walk by :) Then on Friday, we were walking by and the strangest thing happened. We heard a lady singing a song on her porch and it wasn´t just any old song; it was a church hymn! I don´t remember what it´s called in English, but in Spanish it´s number 148, if you want to look it up! Anyway, it was definitely so cool to find this sister, because she told us that she hasn´t gone to church in like 7 years and she´s not baptized. We have an appointment with the family tonight :) I´m deeply thankful for that experience in my week! Then, Sunday was a normal day. We tried to help our investigators get to church, but once again no one could come. However, I don´t lose faith; next week we should have a significant number! If I´m faithful, the Lord will bless me with the words I need to say to these people :)

Well, that is it for this week! I can´t believe that in two weeks marks my six month mark in the mission! It´s beyond crazy!!!! But, I know that I need to keep serving the Lord, so that my time will be used sufficiently for Him! I am beyond humbled to be here representing my Savior, who has lifted me to do great works in His name! I will keep persevering each day!

Hasta la approxima vez!
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