January 27, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Mission Week 23

January 22, 2018

Querido Familia y mis amigos!

Thankyou so much for the wishes of health haha! I´m sorry if I worried any of you, but I will let you know that I am eating alot better now. I really drink way more water that I have been doing before. Entonces no me muero para que ustedes no tienen que precuparles! Estoy viviendo.

This week was pretty interesting. We got the chance to watch the broadcast with the new First Presidency! It was very cool to see the way the Lord inspires the process of choosing our leaders. And there is no better place than the Temple to recieve this revelation :) I also watched the press conference which was kind of weird. I didn´t understand why they made the questions so focused on the worldly political problems that we face. However, i really loved the answers that the First Presidency gave. Their answers were so simple and literally the main points that we teach investigators in the first lesson. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD! Also that day, was Dia de Milenio, where the goal is every Tuesday the mission has to find at least 1000 new investigators. We had splits and i went to another area. We were just walking around and finding new people to teach for like 4 hours. It was a good, hard-working day like all Tuesday are. However, we always do it with an act on our faith! On Wednesday and all the other days of the week, my companion and I were working with the new families that my companion and the district leader found. They are really cool families that I feel they will progress. None of them could attend church again, which was kind of frustrating, but next week they should all come! We will only end the month with 1 baptism, but we know that the Lord is blessing us for our efforts. We hope that all of these special investigators can baptize in February. We will pray and fast for this goal that we hope to achieve! :)

It was really cool for the experiences we have had with Cosechas this week! On Monday, my companion felt that we should find a person who knows about Joseph Smith and wants to know more! After ten minutes of walking a recent convert, who just moved from San Blas found us and asked us where he could find our church building. He told us that hasn´t gone to church in a month, because he moved, so I felt happy that I could help this faithful convert! Also on Friday, we found another family with a member of the family who baptized 5 years ago and none of her family is a member. I´m so happy to know that the Lord is looking out for this family! It´s exciting times in the vineyard!

Well, this is basically my week! I am still not sure if can send pictures, because I forgot to buy a usb...... Don´t worry, I know ya´ll want to see my face again, so I´ll get to work! I have a picture of my hammock that I bought! It is really cool and it says Panama on it <3

Well, this is my last week of my third transfer! I´m not sure if I leave for a new area or I leave. Vamos a ver. If I leave, I will let you know!

Tenga un buen semana!
Elder Overall


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