January 13, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Estrada

Mission Week 21

January 8, 2018

Querido familia!

I´m a little confused today, because you guys didn´t write me a letter, so i hope everything is ok! (We wrote, but for some reason it didn't send when we hit send)

Well, this email of mine won´t be super interesting, because not many things happened again for this week. But, before I start, i just want to exclaim my testimony of prophets and that I know God in His wisdom will call another prophet on the Earth! This work is eternal and no unhallowed hand will stop the work of the Lord! President Monson was a man called of God and he lived a life that is an example to all men. I thank the Lord for a prophet!

Well, in fine, not much happened this week, but that we wanted to try something new this week. On Tuesday, we took a bus to a place really far a way in our area called chepo. It´s like the same distance of Mesa to Scottsdale. It´s ridiculous, but these people have to travel this distance to go to church. However, we arrived in Chepo and the people are so nice! Every house we found, the people always come in the house and share our message! I just hope in the future they can have enough faith to travel the distance to church. As we were walking in chepo, a guy saw us walking and told us to come in to his house. We taught him about our church and a little of Joseph Smith. Then, we left him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! Then we left a blessing on his house. We pray that all will work out! Other cool story with sharing the Book of Mormon. There was a guy who owns a kiosk and he is from New York, so we started in English (the first conversation I have had in English, since forever) Anyway, the man told me that he´s interested in reading the Book of Mormon, but in English, so I have to wait a little bit to obtain one. All of our Books of Mormon are in Spanish obviously. Also this week, we had a splits with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Zavaleta and at first I was a little scared, because he is completely fluent in Spanish and I didn´t want to ruin his lessons. However, I went through the day and he made me feel good, because he told me that my Spanish is really good and I pronounce the words in an understanding manner. The only thing I have to work on is i need a little bit more confidence when I speak, but I´m glad that the Spirit was still there with the families! :) Also, this week my companion and I have been blessed alot with references! I have been humbled alot, because so many of our investigators aren´t coming to church. to have these new possibilities of progressing investigators just affirms my testimony that my Savior is looking out for me!

Then, Sunday was the center-piece of the week! We had a special conference with the mission president, bishops, and our stake president to talk about the new focus as a mission of the missionary work in the wards. This year, the goal of the mission is to baptize 4200 people and it has never happened before. It´s going to take a lot of hard work both members and missionaries, but it can be done!

Well, love you all, and I´m beyond thankful for a family who is cheering me on! You are all with me for eternity!

Elder Overall


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