January 3, 2018


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 20 Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

Querido Familia y amigos!
First off, I was so happy to get to talk to you all last week just to have a chill conversation with all of you! Haha I get awkward when I talk to to people I haven´t talked to in awhile, so thank you! I loved seeing your faces and especially seeing my cats again :) I was actually thinking yesterday that it is only 20 more weeks or more til I talk to you again! See ya then!
Well, this week has been super hard for me! In my area, everyone has been partying all week and no one wants to listen to us. Also, when we got investigators that seemed interested, they didn´t want to come to church because it was Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve. So, I can honestly say that I felt like a failure, because the goal was to try to get 12 baptisms this month, but after so much work and suffering, no one seemed like they were progressing. We had only one baptism this month and I was beyond happy for this baptism, because this individual is very strong in the church and he attends every Sunday! For things like that, I find joy. Anyways, I felt sad and horrible, because i was doing all that I could, but I wasn´t seeing the fruits of my labors. I felt so discouraged and I didn´t know what to do. However, it wasn´t until Sunday a miracle happened. I fasted yesterday, because I wanted to make goals for the New Year and make my weaknesses strengths. So we were walking on the streets of Panama and not finding anyone, because everyone was outside partying and drinking beer, but I felt good about going to a specific area of the neighborhood. I remembered that two weeks prior we found a man that told us that we could come to his house after Christmas, but I didn´t remember exactly where he lived. As I went to a house that i thought was his, i stood there doubting that it was his house and turned around and left. But we walked a away and heard a voice calling us to his house and so we turned and taught him. He is so nice and accepting to what we´re saying and he is even interested in baptism! I can testify that the Lord is looking out for His servants when they are faithful and obedient to the call! I guess I had to be a little bit more humble just to see the work of the Lord in my life. I know that He lives and wants me to return to His presence. I invite you all to seek His guidance when you experience trials, because in more ways than we can understand, our Savior will send help!
I love you all and am glad that I have come to know all of you! Even if we didn´t talk that much before my mission, I want to make it clear that I have a charity for all of you and I know that is no lie! I know that this new year will bring about new changes for all of us, so let's make it a great one!
Vamos a ganar en 2018!!!
Les amo,
Elder Overall ( ps. I found out that my last name is NIBACUABLE in Cuna) I have literally never been so excited about anything in my life :)))

Oh I forgot to say that New Year´s Eve was cool! My comanion and I didn´t exactly sleep, because of the war that was happening outside! Seriously, was insanely crazy; I thought my house was getting bombed! Anyways, we got up gave eachother a hug and then went back to bed XD XD Best last moments of the years you could ever have!


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