December 17, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 17

December 11, 2017

Querido Familia!

Love you all and am happy to hear what you will all be doing for Christmas! I just want to start off and say that I´m sorry for happened last week. i was going to send pictures, but they were ALL erased...... :/ Even from the MTC and until last Monday. I don´t know how it happened, but i just put the SD card in the computer and all my photos were erased. What´s even more difficult was that i don´t understand computers in Spanish...... But, I´m fine now don´t worry about me! I know when the Lord gives us trials, it´s for our benifit! I know that if I bear my trials with patience, I will be lifted up at the last day. But if you could all do me a huge favor and save all the photos that I have sent you, so that I´ll at least have some photos from before! Gracias!

This week wasn´t super special, because my companion was sick like all week. :/ We still worked a few days out of the week, but the two of us had to go to the city. Elder Vasquez had to talk to the mission president about some problems with his family. So keep him in his prayers; it´s pretty difficult to be on a mission when you are the only member in your family. But with the work, it was still pretty productive what we able to accomplish! On Wednesday, we asked for a big family of Cunas and we didn´t walk that far and we found this family and they are bien cheverey!!!! I can´t wait to work with them! We have also found two other families, who are so faithful. They all seem so agreeable and want to make the changes in their lives! I get to see Christmas miracles everyday :) However, it was a little sad for us, because none of these investigators came to church, but we are going to work extra hard this week, so that they can all meet the dates that have been set for baptism. It´s truly a leap of faith for them, but they can do it! Also, we haven´t had much food in the house and all the meal appointments with investigators fell through, so we ate at this Chinese restaurant (not Panda Express haha)! Real Chinese food with real Chinese people! The greatest thing is that these people can speak Spanish XD If you ever want to hear a Chinese person speak Spanish, come to Panama haha!

Well, that´s pretty much it for this week! Next week, I´ll promise to write a better letter! Also, there is a lady that said I could come to her family´s house for Skyping, i just need to affirm exactly what time I can do that. No I haven´t bought a pillow, but seriously don´t worry I´m perfectly fine!

This will definitely be a Christmas to remember! My first Christmas in the mission field! I have the opportunity to be in the service of my Savior Jesus Christ! I have a Christmas scripture for you all! 3 Nephi 1:13! It really gives me comfort always :)

Tu misionero favorito!
Elder Overall

PS Also it´s transfers this week, but i should only be changing companions, but we will see. I´ll let you know!

PPS Please do not tell me the plot of the new Star Wars movie! I need that treachery in my life!

Christmas in Panama!!! 1-2-3

4) thirty-six, counted them myself! XD XD XD


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