December 8, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 16, Independence Day!

December 4, 2017

Que familia!

I´m loving all the Christmas hype that is going on back home! Here is a little different, despite the fact there aren´t as many lights, there is still a lot of excitement for Christmas! I´m really excited, because celebrating the Savior´s birth is my favorite time of the year!

For this week, we have been finding some really awesome investigators! This one guy that we found through cosechas has just been incredible, because he is so acceptable to our message! Also, he said that he wants to come to church! There was also a spiritual experience that happened on Saturday. We were walking and walking and we were rejected by two houses. This was very stressful for me, by the way. But, when we walked by this one house, I felt that we should go to it and bless the familys´ life. The mom told us that she needed that blessing, because her son has a serious condition has from hospital to hospital without knowing what´s wrong. She cried and bared her testimony on the tender mercies of the Lord! I can´t wait to work with these special children of God :) The only other thing that really happened this week, was that there was a ward activity for Panama´s Independence Day! There were dances prepared from different sites in Panama and food! I can honestly say that the food was incredible!!! This woman in the ward from San Blas {the islands of Panama; if you have time, I recommend that you look up pictures, because they are so pretty!!!} and she gave us a pumpkin and chicken soup! It was awesome, trust me! ;) Our investigators that came said that they really enjoyed the activity! We have also had one family home evening on Friday for kick-starting the Light the World for our investigators! They really felt the spirit of Christ i could tell! Random fact about this family, is that the dad is a sushi chech in a fancy Japanese restaurant in the city. He gave us free sushi and it was heaven!!!!!!! HAHA I´m really talking about food alot in this email XD But seriously, I was excited! On Sunday, sadly our baptism fell through, because the family didn´t seem to be at their house.... Well, we still had a enough investigators that showed up to church, so it was all good! Then today, we had the opportunity to visit Cerra Azul! IT WAS AWESOME!!! It´s a jungle/ forest area in Panama with waterfalls and just beauty all-around! It was such a cool experience that i took like 1,000 pictures. I even saw sloth and named him Juan Carlos Frito Bandito Chavez!

Well, that´s basically my life! I´ll make sure to send pictures don´t worry ;) So I´m on my 11th week in the field, which means that transfers are in two weeks. The time is definitely flying, because I´m constantly working in the service of the Lord! Oh also, yeah I did get to watch the Christmas Devotional yesterday in the church building! I loved hearing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir again <3

I love you all and never want any of you to forget that! In the words of a good friend of mine (even if he doesn´t read my emails I still love him) I have Jesus' love for you!

Your Secret Santa
Haha es un chiste, Elder Overall


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