December 3, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 15 Thanksgiving Day Weddings=120

November 27, 2017

Querido familia!

It was so great to see the pictures from Grandma´s funeral! thank you so much for sending them! I´m so glad that the funeral was such a beautiful experience for everyone! Grandma´s life truly was beautiful and I´m thankful so much that she was raised in the Gospel, so that I could do the same now!

I´m also glad that Thanksgiving went well! I know it can never be the same without me, but I´m glad that didn´t stop you guys XD HAHA! I didn´t have a Thanksgiving. There were 120 weddings in the church again and that´s it!

Well, anyway, this week was different. On Tuesday and Friday I went on splits for the first times. On Tuesday, I was with my ZL Elder Bateman and on Friday, I was with my DL Elder Cervantez! It was quite a blessing to get some tips on doing missionary work from them. I had to be he senior companion and they supervised me on how I was doing. I have some weaknesses in some areas, but all in all, they said I was a good missionary and that I´ll improve quickly :) They´re cool missionaries; Elder Bateman is from Washington and Elder Cervantez is from Peru. It was good, because we got two baptismal dates set up together. On Wednesday, we mostly worked with the Cuna family. Oh and by the way, we have six missionaries in my ward. The area is HUGE!!!!!!! So yeah, there are three areas in one ward :0 Haha! back to the Cuna family; we were getting them ready for baptism. However, we found out that two of the eight, weren´t married. As a companionship, our goal was to have 13 baptisms for the month, but six baptismal dates fell or have to wait for the next week :/ However, we were close with 9 baptisms this month and I´m beyond grateful that the Lord is mindful of these families and has prepared them for us to teach:)

Thursday were the weddings. We had a lady in the Cuna family get married to her husband and the parents of the Pedrozas get married. It was quite exciting, because the Cuna lady will get baptised next week and the Pedrozas got baptised yesterday! Sunday, I was in the church building literally all day.... we needed to prepare for our 7 baptisms. But it was so crazy, because we decided to combine with another ward to do our baptisms. We called yesterday ¨Noche de Blanca!", because there were 24 baptisms. It was so crazy, because it was only between five companionships. It is amazing to me how much the work is growing in Panama! I love it so much :)))

That´s pretty much it for this week. It there a heavy-duty laundry item that works for every stain. I´m not very knowledgeable in these things. I´m going to keep looking for the pillow. No I haven´t gotten the package.

Well, love you all and hope and pray that you will have a great week! :)

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