November 24, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 14 10 investigators come to church

November 20, 2017

Querido familia y amigos!

It´s really sad to hear about Grandma Overall! Though, I do know that she is in a better place now :) Yeah, President Current called me yesterday night at 9:30 and it was kind of a shock. Not only the news, but a personal call from my mission president. But, yes Dad, I completely agree that Grandpa Overall has been waiting for her and the fact that they can live for eternity is so beautiful :))) I´m a little sad about it, but I´m promised as a missionary that the Lord will send Angels all around me to lift me up! All of my family members who have passed away will be here with me on the mission through all of my tribulations!

This week has been another great one! On Tuesday, we had another todo fuerzo dia! For that day we did three hours of cosechas and found six families. It was a miracle, because we agreed that we should ask for a family with a red house a mother home alone with her children. In time, we found this house. The mom outside washing clothes and we greeted her and offered a blessing on her home. In the prayer, she asked us to offer a special blessing on her baby, who is sick and needs to go to the hospital. When we made a return appointment the next day, she bore a poweful testimony of who Jesus Christ is for her. She then said that she has been praying to God for Him to send help and that we were the answer to her prayers :) She then said that she wants to get married to her husband and get baptised. I love this Gospel so much! Also this week we decided as a companionship, to ask for a pink house and a grey car outside. We walked all hour and we couldn´t find this house, but as we were walkingn to the bus stop to leave, we saw the house. When we got to the house the family greeted us. Come to find out that this house was found by my companion and his companion two months prior and they couldn´t find it again. I know that the Lord is looking out for His elect :)

Wednesday was zone conference, so we were in the city all day! We had the chance of hearing some councel from President Current about the rules of the mission and reaffirming the fact that we need to be exactly obedient! It was also really cool, because we were starting to make plans for December, where we will use the Light the World program to get families involved in the missionary work. I know that this, we should get more baptisms! I´m really going to enjoy this, because I seriously love the Christmas season with a passion. Thursday, we were at the marriage registration place for three investigator families. All they have to do is spend fourty dollars to get married and the registration place takes care of the rest. the weddings will take place this Thursday in the church building. Friday, we met with the cuna family again, because they are progressing so much! This next Sunday, they should all be baptized!!!! And with the weddings, we will have 13 or 14; we will see! So yeah, Friday was a normal teaching day until 5:00 when we went to the ward building for an activity. we watched Meet the Mormons and we really wanted our investigators to come, but no one was able to sadly.... I guess it was because it rained alot that day :/ we got to sit with the sisters´investigator, which was kind of cool. Saturday was a normal teaching and finding day. Nothing special happened, except that we had a really good lunch from the members in our ward. Sunday was awesome, because despite the fact that no one came to the ward activity, we had 10 investigators come to church yesterday :) They´re so faithful and I know that they are making the right choice in their life to be baptised! next week I´ll let you know how everything goes! vamos a ver!

To answer your questions, yes we take buses. Haha we actually live right next to the school. I think that it´s for all ages, but i know that there are other schools around so I´m not really sure. To be honest, i don´t think I´ll ever understand the school system here; it seems so different. some one tried to ask me a math question in Spanish, and I just gave blank stares XD

Well, I love you all and am glad to hear about your lives! Oh and please let me know how the funeral goes. I want every single detail :) Have a GREAT WEEK!

Elder Overall (Arribatodo)

Read Moroni 7:45-47! You won´t regret it i promise :)


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