November 19, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

The Cuna families

Querido Family!

So today´s been really hectic! I´m finally writing now, because the internet has been out for two hours sadly! Sufficeth to say, I don´t have that much time to write....

Well, I guess I will just talk about the important things that happened this week! Nothing really exciting happened on Tuesday, except a normal walking and teaching day! I think we invited someone to be baptised that day for the 26th, so we´ll keep working with him! Wednesday, we felt that we should go to the last, last part of San Juan in our area. It´s like a two mile walk to get to the end, so it´s crazy far, but we went anyways. Anyways, we went there, because we were looking for a house that had children playing outside of it! From this, we were able to find three houses, because they are all Cunas and know eachother. Thursday, we returned and invited them to be baptised! From both the families, we have 10 baptisms to add to the six that we have planned for the 26th! If we work hard I know that we can accomplish this goal! it will take alot of work, but we can do it with faith! But, that´s not the coolest part of this experience. The Cuna families have members of their families who only speak the Cuna language, so we brought a member from our ward from the islands to help in teaching. When she was talking with them she found out that they are family!!!!! Because we had the Spirit to know to ask the lady in the ward to help in the teaching, this beautiful experience happened. One of the ladies in the family started to cry and my companion and I didn´t know why, because she was speaking Cuna. when we asked the sister to tell us what she said, she said,¨The mother cried, because God has never sent his messagers to me.¨All the family wants to be baptised! Their faith hath made them whole!

Well, that´s all I can say for this week! love you all and pray for you all!

Take care until next week!
Elder Overall


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