November 12, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 12, ABBA & Fiesta Hollywood

November 6, 2017

Dear family and friends!

First, I want to say that no, we did not celebrate Halloween haha! The people in Panama acknowledge its existence, but don´t really celebrate it! This week, in Panama, they celebrate independence week! They have like five that all happen this month! Every day they have huge fiestas. It´s hard for us, though, because we want to meet with families, but they all wanted to go to the party.... But it´s ok, because we still got alot done!

I´m sorry about last week. I didn´t have a lot of time to answer questions. So we use a laundry machine, but it´s a half a mile away from our house. We have time to wash and then hang the clothes up to dry. Sometimes it´s frustrating, because the washer doesn´t do the best job. But, it´s fine the shirts don´t look too bad. No, they didn´t provide me with any bedding..... My companion had extra sheets, so I paid him twenty dollars for them. However, he didn´t have a pillow, so I use my gym bag and put my blanket on top of it. All in all, it´s pretty comfortable. I can try to look for pillows if you can´t send one. I don´t use the electric anymore.

Well, Tuesday was Halloween and nothing happened. We were basically in the church all day, because we had district meeting and then a meeting with the ward mission leader that took the rest of the day. We were planning a ward activity for Saturday! By the way, it turned out really well; I'll send pictures :) Then, Wednesday was a typical working day; I can´t really say much happened, except for working with our investigator Oscar. We went through the baptismal questions every night this week to prepare him for baptism on Sunday. However, it was sad, because he didn´t show up to church yesterday. he said that he promises that next Sunday he will be baptized. I´ll let you know how that goes! Thursday was a really cool day for me and my companion! In the morning, I felt that in our prayer for Cosechas, we should ask for a family with a single mom and four children. We walked for thirty minutes and we found a mother reading to her four boys! I know that the power of Cosechas is real and that the Lord will provide a way if we ask in faith! (1 Ne. 3:7) Friday was the craziest day of them all! All the missionaries in Panama were to work with TODOFUERZO, meaning all our strength. We were not allowed to have meal appointments to make more time to focus on new investigators. We walked for so many miles; it was alot of work! On Saturday, it was our investigator´s birthday. He´s the boxer that I talked about before. Last week he had a boxing match at MIT and he won! That why I sent that picture last week haha XD He´s the nicest and is definitely ready to be baptized. However, his girlfriend doesn´t want to be married at the moment. Anyways, we bought him a cake and he was really grateful :) Also, that day, we had our ward activity in the nighttime! The theme was Fiesta Hollywood and we had disco music and snacks and games for the ward! It was a lot of work to put together, but it was worth it! Oh and by the way, hearing Dancing Queen, by ABBA was super weird!! Worldly music is a whole different ballgame for sure XD Sunday was spiritual! The Castro family came to church again, because the daughter was baptized yesterday! I am so happy for their family, because of the fact that they can have an eternal family! They´re progressing so much. Anyways, I had the privilege of baptizing the daughter. When she was asked to give a testimony, it was so spiritual, because she started tearing up. It made me think that just one week prior, she was about to be baptized as an Evangelist, but with feeling the Spirit, she us, {I know that your church is true!} I´m happy for her all in all!

Well, that´s it for the week! I can´t believe that I have made it through my first transfer! I don´t change by the way! My companion is still Elder Vasquez for another six weeks! We get along alot better now. Sometimes he´s a little difficult, but that´s where Christ-like Love comes into place. It´s crazy to think that it´s already November! Next month I get to Skype!!!!!! I love you all and glad that you are having grand adventures back home! If you´d like to keep telling me about your adventures I won´t mind ;)

Para siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Overall


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