November 4, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Bee Sting!

Mission Week 11, Tocumen, Panama

October 30, 2017

Dear family and dearest loved ones!

I am writing so late, because today has been crazy!!!! Anyways, this week has been swell! We have just found out that we have completed our goal as a mission to baptize 1000 people in three months. We have baptized 1,028! It is such exciting times here in Panama! The fact that most people are celebrating the day of the dead, but here we are celebrating the DAY OF THE LIFE!!! I love the work here and I know that I am improving as a missionary everyday! It´s crazy to think that I´m almost done with one transfer! I´m ready for what´s to come next :)!
This week was a little sad, because we had four baptismal dates fall through... They all know that the Church is true, but they can´t because they have family that won´t let them! It made me sad, but I prayed to my Father in Heaven that one day the missionaries can find these individuals and bring them to the truth! It is my hope!

On Wednesday we had zone conference! We had the opportunity to hear from President Ochoa, the President of the Area! He taught us about being exactly obedient like our Savior Jesus Christ! I want t make every effort to do this! On Thursday, we did Cosechas like we always do and worked with the Castro family to get the parents ready for marriage. However, that day was dumb, because a stupid bee landed on my soda that i bought at the store. I took one sip and it stung me on the lip! Well at least I leaned the Spanish word for bee after this experience haha!
On Saturday, we had the marriage of the Castros and then we went to the church at 1 to baptize Hermano Castro! That day was crazy, because there were baptisms for all the missionaries in the stake. There were 15 baptisms! Que un dia!!! We left the church building at 7 and visited the Pederosa family! Lastly, we went to church and Hermano Castro was confirmed! I can tell that he has so much faith, because we sang the song families can be together forever! I saw him tear up! I know that everyone wants an eternal family, because it is such a beautiful blessing!

So thank you, I will try those techniques for removing stains. My shirts are starting to look ugly haha! Haha I don´t know what else to write, so I´ll just say, i love you all and I look forward to reading all the adventures that are happening back at home! Para siempre Dios este con vos! Alma 5:22-27

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