October 28, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Mission Week 10 sang a few words of a Twenty-one Pilots

October 23, 2017

Querido familia and friends!

I love you all so much and wish special blessings upon all of you!
This week has been wonderful! Every start of the morning, we do cosechas and I can testify that the power of cosechas really works! Everyday, we have been able to find at least one new family and bless them! However on tuesday and Saturday, it was a little hard, because I have felt a little feverish from the humidity here! Es muy loco, pero con paciencia pienso que todas las cos sera bien! This week we have three families that we have been focusing on to help them get married! We´re going to keep working with them and see where it goes it goes from there. I´m sure they´re ready, because they are definitely so faithful :) The faith of Panama never ceases to amaze me! The most busy day this week was Thursday! We spent all day walking and walking and walking! It was tiring, but we were able to go to all our areas and teach alot lessons! It was also really crazy, because my companion and I felt that we should go to this area for cosechas and after walking for ten minutes, we found this house with a family that hasn´t been to the LDS Church for twelve years, but were baptised. It was quite a spiritual experience for me! I know that more of these experiences will come everyday and I will grow as a missionary! I can testify that any good feeling is from the Holy Ghost! Like Elder Bednar says, Don´t worry about it! Just do what you´re supposed to do! A funny experience that happened this week was we went to this house of one our investigators and they wanted me to pray in English! Then, they wanted me to sing a pop song from the United States haha! I sang a few words of a Twenty Pilots song haha! Sunday was church and it was great as always! We had two of our investigators come which was awesome! They´re really faithful! Also, we had this whole family come to church that had been less active for awhile from El Salvador! The dad saw us walking on Saturday, stopped his car, and asked us where the church building was! The fact that he came to church the next day was a sure acknoledgement of his faith! I had so much joy for this family!

Well, that´s all I can think of t write! I do have a scripture for you all! It´s 3 Nephi 18:15, 20-21! I love the words that the Savior uses in this scripture! I invite you to take what is said here in your hearts, for they are true words of God!

I´m thankful for all your letters! They truly lighten my week :) I love you! Until next week!

Elder Overall

Picture 1: We were walking and I decided to take a picture of the Panama countryside
Picture 2: Excuse my tomato face XD It was a good day


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