October 18, 2017


Tocumen, Panama


Elder Vasquez

Week 9 Boxing gloves

Dear family and others that I like to call friends!

I will start with answering your questions! No, I have not seen the Panama Temple. In fact, we are not allowed to go to the Temple, unless a family is being sealed or for our last transfer with the mission president. I took out money from personal, because we get 110 dollars on our church card every 15 days, but I ran out of money and needed more for bus rides and such. It will only be a one-time thing, because I should have more money added to my church card as time goes on. Yup, there are a ton of stray cats, dogs, and trash everywhere! It´s kinda sad, because of how they´re treated, but what can I do? Studying, we take 8-8:30 for personal, 8:30-9 for companion, then planning, then at 10 leave the house. 9:00 at night we study the first twelve weeks and then if there is time we study Spanish.

So this week was awesome!!! Tuesday we had district meeting and we discussed the importance of harvesting the fields! I know that the work that we are doing in Panama is incredible! The fact that we are finding so many investigators is a miracle! the Lord is truly looking out for His people here; they are truly His elect! Wednesday, we didn´t get much done, because my companion was sick all day :/ We still made some visits at night though! Thursday was cool, because two of our investigators were married. It´s really different here! No one is married!!!! So, what the ward does here is host legal marriages where you sit in the chapel and stand when your names are called! There were so many people getting married that it looked like a regular church service. Actually, there were more people in that room than a regular church service haha! Then, the rest of the days we prepared three investigators for baptism. Two of them were the two that were married and the other was a young man who has already attended church four times, so we prepared him to be baptised on Saturday. Saturday was exciting, because I got o help the sister missionaries baptize one of their investigators and it was truly spiritual! I indeed love the joy i obtain when I baptize! The lord is truly present for each baptism of His children! Sunday I went to church for the first time haha! We had our four investigators recieve the Holy Ghost in the ward; it was beatiful! I also got to meet alot of the members and even though I am definitely not fluent in Spanish, they are super nice! The bishop is awesome and the members are so faithful! It´s cool to see the same church that I´ve grown up with be the same in other parts of the world! After church, we had the baptismal service for the two investigators who were married! They truly Will be happy for all time and eternity, if they keep progressing in the work!

Well that is pretty much it for this week! I love you all and think about you often! Well, anyways, keep writing me and sending pictures the going-ons of the Overall Clan!

Oh also, for my package I would definitely like some candy from the United States. For example, Reeces, Hi Chews, etc.. I would like a marvel t shirt, yes the photo album would be awesome in a book! Put pictures of just memories my childhood; (my baptism, a picture of our family in front of the temple, I miss the Mesa Temple, just whatever you find joy in sending me. Just one or two ties. I can only listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so cds and a music player. I´m not sure if I want to buy one or where to go for that matter. That´s it!

Well anyway, be excellent to each other and... PARTY ON DUDES!!!!!!!!

Para siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Overall

Read Alma 32:21

Oh were also teaching a boxer and he wants to be baptized with his wife! that´s why we´re wearing boxing gloves haha XD


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