October 2, 2017




Elder Thayne

Week 6 getting ready to head out to Panama

September 23, 2017

Querido mi familia y mis amigos!

What a great week it has truly been! The start was kind of shaky with the tooth ace and all, but the dentist really worked out! I can say that it was because of my fast that I did on Sunday that made everything at the dentist okay. I know that the Lord is mindful of my needs and wants me to go out and serve the people of Panama! However, it was super weird that I got to take a shuttle outside of the MTC! Seeing normal, every-day civilization again was insane!!!!!!!! I never thought Panda Express would intrigue me so much XD! Anyway, thank you all for your prayers; they mean so much to me :)

Well, you will not believe this, but on my last Tuesday devotional Elder Cook and his wife came to speak! I've got to be present for hearing two Apostles now! I'm super grateful for this experience in my life!!! They both ave extraordinary talks and I will cherish them! Elder Cook talked about the four loves on the mission. Love the people, love your companion, love your mission president, and most importantly, LOVE THE SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!! This is His work and we need His help to guide us trough our missions! This Apostolic counsel was very much needed for my testimony to grow!

On Wednesay and Thursday, we went through our last few Spanish lessons in the Spanish for missionaries book! Now, I just have to keep practicing and reviewing the skills that I have learned! I have a long way to go, but it's a work in progress :) Friday was crazy, because there was fog all over Provo! In result of it, we woke up this morning to see Mount Timpanogous covered in snow! That will be the last time I see snow for two years haha! Also, Friday was a little sentimental, because it was the last lesson for some o the missionaries with Hermana Blau! We got her a Book of Mormon will all of our testimonies in it! She teared up a lot, but she was very grateful for our district :) (I'll put a picture of everyone!) Also, this week was infield orientation which was kind of boring but in some cases helpful! I learned a lot about goal setting, finding those that are prepared to receive the Gospel, and working with the members! I will make sure to take these tactics to the mission field! I want to strive to be what the Lord needs me to be in Panama :)

Well, I can't think of anything else that happened this week, so I will just share my testimony with all of you! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He is mindful of each of us! I can assure you that praying sincerely to Him will bring you so much joy throughout your life! More times than i can count here, I have come to my Savior in reverent prayer to express my gratitude for His tender mercies! The simple invitation is to Come Unto Christ! Keep the faith!

Mucho mucho amor!
Elder Overall

PS, I will be calling around 12:30 Mesa, Arizona time! I hope that's okay for you! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to buy a calling card, so if I do can you let me know? The store is closed today, but I'm to buy last-minute stuff on Monday!
PSS- I've been thinking. Should I buy a rain jacket in Panama and if so what should I use to pay for it? And I think I should try to get a waterproof camera, because I'm not so sure if the camera I have now will survive the weather, but let me know your thoughts :)

Read Helaman 5:6; 12! I love this chapter very much! :)

Fourth image down is a picture of me and an Elder Kleinman!!!!!!!!! He's been in my zone and it turns out we're related through Conrad Kleinman! It's really cool because he's from California, so there must be Kleinmans' in Cali! That's crazy!!! Well, anyway, he's going to Florida and he's going to do awesome!

The other pictures are cool too haha ;)


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