September 21, 2017




Elder Thayne

Week 5

Dear family and friends!

DAD, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so grateful for a dad like you to show me an example! This elder in my zone was wearing his father's tag, because he went on a Spanish-speaking mission! It reminded me of the example that my father sets for me going on a Spanish-speaking mission! ¡Muchos gracias Papa!

Also, I thoroughly enjoyed your birthday, because I got my flight plans to Panama yesterday!!! I'm stoked ;) I have to get up at 4:50 and my plane leaves at like 9:35. Then, we have three hour layover in Atlanta, then we fly to Panama and arrive at 9:30 at night! It will be quite exciting, especially because we can eat real food again XD

Thank you for the package! I really needed those breath mints! Someday I'll try to send a package, but I've heard that the mail in Panama really sucks! Could you ask the other parents about that for me? I would appreciate that :) To answer your questions, our branch doesn't do musical numbers; I would have to do one in front of the whole MTC :/ Yeah it's actually starting to get pretty chilly and yesterday was pretty bad, because it rained all day. The umbrella worked, but it was still cold. Yes there are four elders in my room. We have decorated our room with Panama pride! Yeah, I have met two other elders going to Panama the same day! They are in zone 24, I'm in zone 26. I will see them on the plane! I cleaned bathrooms this week for service, but I don't bring my camera, cuz it's like 6:30 in the morning. I'll try to be better at taking pictures, but it's kinda hard cuz I'm busy. Sorry about that. Oh also I don't really have a favorite food. I just kinda eat it haha! We did have Taco Bell last Friday though. Que Bueno!!!! Amiright?!?

Well on to this week! Sunday we had a devotional and Chad Lewis who played for BYU spoke! It was awesome, because he spoke about his experience in Taiwan and how we can become better missionaries! He told of experiences in football and his mission! I enjoyed it very much :) Then on Monday we did an English fast, where you can only talk in Spanish the whole day! It was hard, but I pulled through. Then, Tuesday was awesome, because we had Elder Kearon of the Seventy speak! He's so awesome, because he was a convert 30 years ago, so his testimony is very powerful! I remember him from conference when he talked about helping refugees! It was such a great talk! At the devotional, he spoke on teaching simple truths to our investigators, or "friends of the church"! I loved it! The rest of the week my companion and I taught our TRCs with Alfonso! I think it was our last lessons and they were really spiritual! Btw that picture came from the member who was with us to teach! She's really nice and she said she'd take a picture and send it to you guys. Alfonso will be missed greatly if we don't end up seeing him again :/ Friday there was rain and it was really cool to see the clouds so close to us! They were all over the mountains!

Then the rest of the time I just chilled and read scriptures and prayed and studied etc etc. Haha my life is fantastic dontchya know? XD Oh I totally forgot, I taught in priesthood on Sunday and in District meeting the week before! The Spirit was very strong! The Spirit here in general is amazing! I am very thankful for the opportunities to serve! I know that Jesus Christ lives! I know that He loves all of us and wants what's best for us! Right now it is my time to show Him the best I can do for Him! When I am diligent in receiving the Spirit I am taking part in the greatest work of all mankind! The preaching of the Gospel to the world :)

Well that's it for this week! I love and miss you all and am thinking of you often! I will pray for all of you and share my testimony as much as I can! I leave the 26th and I think I get to Atlanta at 3ish Atlanta time! I'll probably be calling you around that time, but I'll let you know for sure next week when I get more information.

Your favorite missionary,
Elder Overall

PS- keep the faith everyday! The greatest miracle that that you can have is joy in your life!
PPS- keep emailing me! They make my day :)


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