August 5, 2014


Mexico MTC


Elder Cory Glover


Hola Todo!

Been having a great week here in the MTC. Can´t believe it is almost over and I get to fly off to Peru this Monday! Time really does fly when you are doing the work of The Lord. Anyways I just want to share a couple experiences/thoughts that have happened over this last week!
Well to start off we have been teaching "Investigators" and it has been a really spiritual experience! Even though they aren't real investigators just our teachers, I really have come to love each one of them even though they aren´t real! I can´t wait until I am sitting in Peru with a family teaching them about The Plan Of Salvation! This is truly what it is all about! Spreading the Word Of God to the His Sheep!
Another fun experience. So it doesn´t rain here that often but when it does you better get inside because if you stay out you will go for a swim! So last Thursday my companion and I were practicing for the devotional where he was singing and I was playing the piano! Soon after we started to walk back it was really, really dark! I thought to myself, "That is kind of weird..", but soon disregarded that thought! No less then 1 minute after leaving our practice session it started to pour! And I mean POUR! We ran from building to building until we finally reached ours! It literally looked like we had just gone swimming! Soon after we arrived we saw that the sidewalk and the streets were flooded with water! Flooded a good 4-5 inches!! It was insane!
Well again I am so happy to be out here! Everyday my testimony grows whether it is a little bit or a lot. But I know that the people of Peru need to hear the message of the Lord. And with Faith in Jesus Christ all things are possible! Love you all! Hope you have a great day after reading this!


Elder Spencer


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